The King and the Eagles

Fortunately, I just want to start with a small story. Once I was very risky, this king Adam, he had been living in a very large palaces. This King had received many gifts last night great kings and all the visitors who just come and meeting out of all this gifts that he will see. He has two gifts, that is to praise Eagles that he loves this Eagles very much. So what happened is when he called his palestrina and told him Almighty do a favor for me, I want you to train this Eagles that What about a man that he came to the US he has to be so understated to the eagle and he returned to the palace up to one week one week and told the king mighty again. I didn’t ask you have informed But out of all the training that it takes only one eagle is able to fly the second Eagle simply refuses to fly. He was already on this branch very tightly no matter what. Oh, come on. I didn’t care is not move. Making maintenance over the weekend is terribly difficult. Every Saturday what has been happening Eazy E commerce minister and Almighty minister you announcement to the speaker of this country saying that who can do this even that your legal and bring it back to write will be handsomely rewarded. One month, Time passed by the king was standing on this beautiful scenery and acknowledgement side that the eagle refused to move, right. I mean, flying around the palace, the king of happiness came and saw the person who solved this problem. And this person was this none other than an ordinary farmer. needle. The king has the almighty farmer. How’d he do it? I called many physicians icon many magicians or too much intelligent people. These people were not able to solve the problem. The Eagles are just an ordinary person that you be able to solve this. The former employee, I never did anything. Great, Your Majesty, I just got of the branch in which he was holding very tightly. This is what I have done. And the moral of the story is the branch in which the eagle is hold on to completely refusing, refusing to fly is like a comfort zone. We as a human beings are destined to fly higher and higher, but we just cling on to something hold on to it very tightly that you refuse to go away and take action. There is a saying very modern, saying that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. After this video, I just want you to do a small exercise, I just want you to list your comfort zones, like 12345 is my comfort zones. That is you can analyze what you have been doing in the past week. And you can write it down in the second column I want you to what would happen if you had me following this conference. And the third column I want you to write what would happen if you just move out of your comfort zone. For example, I understand you if you wanted to read more and make yourself better or have a good personal development of your own, but whenever we wanted to read You think of watching English continuously, you have been wasting conversion who’s watching us. So firstly, the first point I can make that I wanted to read a book. But I just keep watching movies again and again and waste my time. And the second column what would happen if I had been watching movies? Maybe I can be happier. My mind is in autopilot mode. I don’t want to do anything. No new responsibilities fall on. And in the third column I want to write if I had a really good book, what would happen in my life, that will be a changed version, I will have new ideas. These are ideas that I can implement in my life like that. I just hold on to these five points. What happened this past week, I just want you to always give yourself some time. This is a very modern exist fundraising opportunities. The moment you start analyzing your proposals, and the moment you start analyzing how you waste your time or something like that, your life can dramatically change. Thanks for watching this and going to the next video.