The How to of Strength Exercise

Hello, this is Dr. Zsu and welcome you learning about your body your muscles, where are they hardly called? How do they move? How do you strengthen it? And how do you stretch it? This is essential for you to know because your entire body needs to be trained in balance. We will also learn some training principles of how to do these strength training exercises. Because in order to keep your good form, keep you effective and safe. You need to know these and apply these. So the first is the name of the movement. First is flexion. That is, when your joint angle is closes. It’s a flexion motion. Extension is a joint angle opening. abduction is bringing away from the center of your body if you lifting your arms up or your legs outwards, that onto the side that is an abduction abduction is bringing your leg or your arm closer to the center of the body in interior rotation is rotating to the center of your body extra rotation is rotating away from the center of the body and circumduction is a circular motion. So, how can you make sure that you do the width exercises correctly and you don’t get hurt now desire your little bit of our principles here, you know first the weight training exercises names. So you got benchpress or chest press push ups lat pulldown rowing Now this could be the widened the clothes lateral raises, upper back supraspinatus raises external rotation, internal rotation blackflies squats, lunges, abdominals and hyperextensions door back. Now, what are the basics which you need to look out for to make sure that you’re doing your strength training exercises correctly when I am going to show you further down during the videos you will see all the correct forms and all this in a video what I want to show you here first you read it on a slide. So first is your posture You always make sure that your spine is in anatomical straight line. That means you are never bending forward and rotating like such never hyperextending your spine. Make sure that always anatomical straight line your spine is speed of movement. Whenever you are exerting a force it happens in two counts and whenever you return in your arm or leg or whichever body part is it happens on three counts. breathing. When you are exerting force you are exhaling and when you are releasing the part back then you are inhaling. Now, I am going to show you each and every one of the exercises how it’s done because sometimes it gets a bit confusing because for example, when you do this What when you are bending your knees you are inhaling when you are extending your knees you are exhaling because this is when you are exerting a force. When you are doing ABS you inhale at the beginning of the exercise and you exhale as you are crunching forward like such an inhale on the way back. full range of motion is f r o m, is very critical when you do strength training because you need to use the functional and not the anatomical range of your motion. For example, when you are doing a chest press, you don’t need to bring your elbows completely back as much as you can because that is overstretching your shoulders. And this is what’s anatomically possible in your joint. What functionally is not good for your joints to do such a range of motion. This is why as you’re going to see later on, you should the benchpress that you should should have a little towel on your chest to make sure that you not lose Moving the bar down all the way down to the chest for example, extension without hyperextension is that you make sure that you are extending your elbows and your knees and your back, just make sure that you are not overextending that, that is a hyperextension which is again on anatomically possible movement in the joints, but is functionally not necessary for us. We are always working on to momentary muscular failure. That means that you work in one set until maximum muscle fatigue. So, what does that mean? It means that when you can accomplish something with good form, and only until you can do it as many as you do it with good form you do it. If you feel you are not going to be able to accomplish any more with good form the whole set stop there. So, make sure that it’s not about how many you do is how many you do well with good friends. Form very important because you will be able to raise the weights and the resistance for your exercises. You keep this on mind and you make sure that everything you do you do it with good form. Now you got to always make sure that you have a few seconds of stretch for this particular muscle what you worked on the and on each of the exercises. And especially in the end of your training, just have a full body stretch, which you can use very easily in the sun salutations from yoga, and a little bit of the other stretches which I will show you on the videos. Thank you