The Horse and the Rider

And welcome to the chapter on the horse and rider. Let me just start with the story. Once upon a time in a very late evening, a horses galloping ship reloading, and old man was standing in one corner of the world suddenly stopped and ask him Almighty a strange Raider at this moment of time, where are you going urgently? Right? I just looked upon the old man and told him I don’t know where I’m going. But why don’t you ask the house yourself? The explanation of the story is the horse is your life and the rider is you. If the rider does not know the direction in which he wants to go, the horse will go in any of the direction as it pleases. The rider who’s directionless and does not hold the reins of the horse will suffer the impact of the directions of the horse. If he does not have any direction the horse would take him to a journey filled with fear will be like say Depression and no emotion competence correspond my difference, I just want you to understand the most important thing in your journey of life. There can be any number of horses with their own rider accompanying you in your journey. But the moment you give any innovator the control of your house, your life, chaos, this is a problem. Never ever allow any rider to sit on top of your cars and catch hold of the reins. The most important thing is you may have done you can build something or if someone of your life you may have a loaded gun or out of control of the horses to be out of control. But now it’s time to take test go sit on top of the horses catch hold of the race, control your house, the moment you start controlling your horse your life up. So thanks for watching this video. See you in the next