The Frog and the Gold Fish

My chapter on the frog and the goldfish. In this chapter I’m going to speak about humility. You may be asking me in this lesson of fear, what is you really going to do here is humility is one of the important aspects that will help you to view fear. The more you start practicing the art of humility, the greater is your path away from here, you have to start feeling humble or feeling or to have the feeling of humility within yourself. Let me just add to the story. Once there was a very small part in the near to the pond, there were a frog and a goldfish and said both were good friends actually, the frog has a characteristic of unity whereas a goldfish was a person who was hiding most of his evil everyday the goldfish have asked for Look at me How are you different way Look at my face and then you can maintain whereas look at you you really very ugly the frog No matter whatever the goldfish said this Practice practicing the art of immunity and does not retain or defend itself. While the goldfish always remains 90 most days passed like this slowly and every day the goldfish should tell the frog new features of its ego. And one day the goldfish was linked to the frog look down the sun’s rays shining upon me Look at these caves on reader’s Lagoon, the moment the goldfish turned on all these kinds of things. A great stock came all the way flying from this guy just the more efficient the problem that a situation and or by crop crop. This is something that it will happen to the person you don’t practice humility every day. There is a huge difference between humility and fear. Fear is a mental construct that we have created either lasers on something that does go externally via external situations or external No circumstances, but humility is something. Humility is a hallmark of a person. Humility stands from a state within the heart. It’s completely different from fear. A person who is humble and a person who is polite, this should not be viewed as a person who’s being but rather he is a person who stop content. In the moment you start practicing immunity, or the moment you start feeling deep, great respect to others, in the moment, you start looking at the lens, looking at your lens, without ego, out of humbleness, every single person changes in the field of view, the moment you start recognizing great equally within other people, your friends, your colleagues, read your workplace, the entire life changes in our day to day situations or what our society demands, or something like our society is also city started becoming like a real more of something that eventually instant gratification, more power, more money, more name and fame. And these are the kinds of the kinds of situations that puts a person in the midst of fear, anxiety and depression, he gets terribly depressed in order to satisfy dissociating. But the moment you start practicing humility, half of these fears will leave away from you. So, I want my viewers to practice the art of humility. There are great advantages for practicing humility. Some of these would be the person who is humble would have a great deal of self control during the times of anxiety or depression. Because a person who’s humble can exist a great deal of self restriction. During this kind of situations. A person who’s humble is being liked by everybody. person, you may be a part of a person who manages there are a great deal of advantages when practicing and humility is one of the most Difficulty areas to practice, it may take even a month, or even six months or even in here, because this is one of the characteristic that can repel fear to a very great extent. You most of the fear is related to your ego or your thoughts and devoid of all these kind of activities. I want you to practice the art of humility. So start practicing the art of your meeting. I will see you in the next video. Thanks for listening