The Fourth Sign

Well welcome to part four of our seven part series on the Kabbalah and Jesus the seven signs in John’s Gospel we are in. Let’s see, of course the gospel of john chapter six, verses one through 15. And this is the feeding of the 5000. Now, what you want to do is pause the video, pull out your Bibles, and read this scripture, and I’ll wait here for you. The center of the chasm of this passage is the questions and answers that form from Philip and Andrew. How can 5000 people be fed with just five loaves of bread and two fishes? Well, let’s talk about some questions about the passage using ancient Bible study methods. Well, how about the number 5000? That’s a lot. Well, five denotes God’s grace in providing the Messiah, to supply all of Israel’s needs. So 5000 is just a combination of five times 1000 and 1000. In the ancient world, meant a lot. They didn’t have a lot of numbers that went past 1000. So God’s grace will come through the Messiah to take care of Israel’s needs. That’s pretty significant. How about the number two, because there are five loaves and two fish number two In Christian scripture usually signifies the union between Yeshua and his followers. Now his followers today would be called the church in the Near East women baked bread. And when they did, they made the cross sign over the top of the bread. And they would offer a prayer, asking God to increase the bread. So they will have enough to share with strangers and of course with the family. When food was handled, the name of the Lord was always invoked. And then additional blessing was sought after. You know men traveling in yes she was day would pack their bags with enough food for the entire journey. There were no restaurants. No place He says to eat along the way you carried everything you needed. On the way home, you would have leftovers and extra because we’re very conservative about how much you ate as you went out on your journey because you knew you had to have enough to come back. It’s Middle Eastern cop custom to bring stale bread home. sewing. Yeah, she was doing his work. And he’s gonna feed all these people. It is possible that all of these men who are traveling simply reached into their sacks and pulled out whatever bread they had left to share. In the same way that yes, she would took the only five loaves of bread that he had a need to fish and shared it with his immediate disciples. We could also take a look at a couple other cultural things. And one of them is the significance of 12 baskets. Now, we should remember that Semitic people weaved baskets about 12 inches in diameter. bread was considered sacred. Therefore it was never wasted. 12 baskets could be viewed as a symbol for Israel and the 12 tribes of Israel. That’s what’s been the general explanation throughout the years. When trying to understand the cultural issue of the day, it does seem apparent that this narrative is about yet was teaching to share their resources, people needed to learn to share back then, as much as they share today. Now let’s turn to the spiritual lessons that we could find here. This lesson is about spiritual food in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, that’s the spiritual world. His disciples needed to learn about spiritual food. The bread was considered a spiritual food because he grew from the sacred ground that the Lord had created. The man that fell from heaven that came to earth for the Israelites to eat in the desert is a prime example of spiritual sacred food. divine energy resides in each of us. This divine energy is known as the chakaipa and as To the Pentecost The chakaipa is released from the template Jerusalem. And given every human being who comes to know the Messiah, Yeshua. Christians call the chakaipa the Holy Spirit. It’s this kind of that allows us to experience the spiritual world while we’re living in manhood in the material world. Another lesson, spiritually is that spirit, the spiritual world and spiritual food are to be shared. It’s not something that the Lord gives to us, for us to hide under our coats. We need to share it, those people that we’re traveling with taught by Yeshua, to share that spiritual food that they had. For many years, the fish was this symbol of Christianity in the Near East. But it also assembled symbolized an increase in knowledge to inaccessible knowledge that you only receive from the Messiah. The 12 baskets represent the 12 hours of the day that are broken in to 12 hours a day and 12 hours of night. Remember, the Lord separated the day and the night at creation. And in the Near East, it’s pretty much 12 hours in 12 hours. So during the spiritual world is the light. The material world is the darkness because the darkness is associated with sin and evil, while the light, the 12 hours of light are symbolized by God. seeking out the spiritual world prayer will protect you from evil inclination. the miracles of Yeshua in John’s Gospel are clear lessons about the need to say seek out the spiritual world as much as possible. There is more information in the book The fourth miracle of Jesus and john. If you’re going to watch the whole series I still recommend might as well get the book that has all seven miracles in it. God bless you for listening to this video. Take care and shallow.