The First Sign

I might complicate with you and this is revealing biblical secrets, part one of a seven part series on the signs that we add miracles that we find in John’s Gospel. We’re going to take a look at the signs and analyze them through ancient Bible study methods. So we understand what the author was trying to get across. But also, John’s Gospel is a very spiritually oriented gospel. So we’re going to be also doing is looking at the spiritual aspects. Now, the connection of Making for the spiritual aspect is through the Kabbalah. And it’s through Lauren’s Kabbalah. So you want to take a look at the Tree of Life, the 10, Sephora, or the emanations of God. And some have some idea about that. As we move forward, the first thing you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to pause the video for a moment. Open your Bibles, john three, one through 12. This is the wedding kaina and read it. Then come back and restart the video and we’ll start discussing it and talking about it. Now, this pair passage is a narrative about a wedding festival that you show attended in the town of Canaan. during the festival which probably lasted seven days. The wine was exhausted. By the third day, Joshua’s mother decided to push him into making wine from water. Now yashwant did protest, but he obeyed his mother. And she did what she, she wanted. John’s Gospel classifies the act of your shoe in this narrative as a sign. The wine was better than the first one being served. And there are some interesting cultural twists in the narrative that are worth noting. Now in ancient Bible study methods, we ask questions of the narrative. So let me ask some questions. And you may have some more that you’d like to add to this list. I thought about it and said What does the third day mean? Well First, the introduction or the transition into this section, kind of disassociate what was happening in chapter one and two from three. So this event is about a wedding. The wine runs out on the third day now festivals usually lasted seven days. Sometimes it could be three. But usually seven. It was very unusual to want ran out of wine on the third day when you know you have seven days of a festival and drinking. Well, one reason the third day ran out. Well, maybe the parents underestimated the number of guests who would show up at the feast. Usually the feasts were for the family or for the village and by hearing that you show up came from Nazareth up to kaina means other people might have shown up that they they didn’t expect The weather could have been unusually hot, which of course would get people to consume the wine a little quicker. It kind of tells us there was a strain on the family finances. And these were not rich people. Second question is Where was cane up? located in respect to Nazareth? And it’s a little bit north. Probably a good half a day’s walk. These people Canaan, Nazareth, they probably were cousins. Now, why were why was or where are you showing this mother invited to this wedding? Now the narrative doesn’t really answer that question. Like I said, members of the village or the town were generally invited to these events. There’s probably a family connection there. Beyond that we don’t know what the connection is the scripture does not tell us. Interesting question is who is getting married? And you notice we have no information about the wedding. Who the bride is who the groom is who the parents were? We don’t know. Obviously, that’s not the importance of this story, which means the wedding itself may not have been that important. It was a back drop to something else. And if you think about it, why was your shoe his disciples invited? Well, wherever he went, they went and spent it culture says when strangers show up even at a wedding festival, you invite them in. So that could have been why the wine was not adequate or not enough because strangers started showing up. You would bring them into your house and into your party as if they were long lost relatives. Why were there six? waterpots? That’s a good question. Six is a significant number because it’s the number for creation. I know seven days of creation, but the seventh day God rested for six days, God was actually doing something. So could you show a creating water from wine be symbolic of the six days of creation? It’s an interesting thought. Another question, if the water pots were used for the purification ritual, which that’s what they were used for. And but they weren’t empty. So why were they used? So this water was for ritual. Well, water was that very valuable commodity. It was stored below ground and cisterns. When the rainfall came the cisterns would collect the water that was in the runoff. Water would then be removed from the cistern as needed. The waterpots have left outside would gather rainwater Also, since the pots were not washed, I should say the water was not wasted is better way to say this by the way, the pots would have had some water in them. Apparently they were full. And why was it necessary then that the narrator tell us that the water pots were filled to the brim? Well, the water pots are metaphors for our souls. issue of wants to fill each of us with the Father’s love and grace. It can also be significant because of the understanding that God’s grace and love is equal. available to everyone. One of the center points here and I think maybe the center point is you Sheila was telling the service to fill the barrels with water only may have already been filled, which is interesting. And then when the servants took a sample of the water to the person in charge of the celebration, it turned into wine. That’s the interesting part of it. Could it be more than that? Well, we’re going to explore that a little bit more. And I think there is quite a bit of things going on here. We also want to take a look for a moment or what we call linguistic echoes. echoes from the Hebrew Scriptures usually that would be applied into this narrative. What’s Interesting as you should never touch the water. He just gave a command for a servant to scoop some water out and take it. He created the wind through his words. That’s an echo. When God created the heaven in the earth, go back to Genesis and look. It’s his word. God said, Let there be like God said God said 10 times. God speaks. It happens. Another echo is Jesus refers to his mother as woman. Interesting you would think he called him mom or mother. EMA is actually the Hebrew word. This echoes what Adam called Kava that’s Eve before the fall. He called her a woman interesting What significance might that have? Well, it might tell us that we are all grafted into God’s family as Eve was grafted into Adam, because she was part of him. Remember, God takes one of his ribs and makes her another interesting. Eco is the Noah story. Why? Water was destroyed in the note in the Noah story to get rid of the evil. When Noah left the ark, he returned into the, to the world. First thing he did was he planted a vine that grew grapes. He made wine. But before Noah abused the wine because it says he got drunk, the wine was used to celebrate God. midrashim tells us that that vine was from the Garden of Eden Wine is a celebration of God always has been. issue a creating wine from water is a celebration of God. A further example of the issue is was connection, his relationship to God. We also will take a look at the culture and there’s a lot of cultural things going on here. A very brief explanation of the culture of weddings. Generally, two fathers would come together. They would negotiate a bride price and a dowry and a few things of that nature. They’d be a price to be paid, money would be exchanged. A cup of wine would be poured and the to be husband and To be wife we drink that would consider them betrothed, we might say engaged, but it’s a little bit more than just engaged. The son would go home with his father and build a room on his house for him and his bride, this would usually take a good 12 months now they wouldn’t see each other during this time. Eventually, the house would be finished, word would be sent to the bride that the groom and the bridal party was coming and to prepare themselves for the wedding. And then of course, the groom would arrive somewhere around midnight. I know that sounds like a strange time, but that’s when it happened. And basically, the wedding would occur, the party would begin some thoughts to think about the sign of water to wine, is what is emphasized in the center of the key as I remember the go to Ancient Bible study videos, you’ll see what the chasm is, but that’s the central point. But there has to be more than that. Because I think that’s something of a parlor trick used by magicians. As an amateur magician, I can even do that today. Our Lord Yeshua would not do something so simple unless there was a spiritual symbolism to it. The change of water, the wine is symbolic of the life we lead. We start in conception and our lives start in water. When we’re in the womb, that water protects us and helps us grow to become a complicated and complex human being. Eventually we have to leave the comfort and safety of the wall of the womb of the water. And we have to enter the world as we grow and as we learn the ways of the world. These ways of the world, contaminate us because it’s symbolically surrounded us. So two things will happen. Either one becomes a part of the world ignoring the Lord and His mitzvah. And eventually, we’ll end life in the grips of Satan, or one will protect oneself by coming under the wings of God. Changing water to wine is symbolic of our lives of the transformation, from not knowing God, to learning about God and living in his ways. The transformation from water to wine is done by our performing the mitzvot of the Torah. This narrative about water to wine conversion, tells us one cannot transform the ways of the world into the ways of the Lord without help. without help Excuse me. Who is that help? Well, it’s the man who changed water to wine. Let’s think about the spiritual analysis and aspects of what’s going on here. The secrets of issue are found in the signs and miracles of John’s Gospel. The signs and miracles have been called. Thus by the proto Orthodox Church, which was based on the mythos church they call them signs and miracles. mithras accomplished several signs and miracles. When Jesus took myths, his place, the signs and miracles of mithras were transferred to YESHUA shower. However, the author of John’s Gospel wrote for a community of Jewish persons, trying to teach them the spiritual secrets that Yeshua offered. To view that John’s gospel was written to tell you she was disciples about the secret work that Moses received a Mount Sinai gives a completely different view. Have you have your show up the signs the miracles in the narratives? There are seven signs in John’s Gospel. Each of the seven signs teaches us a secret about how our spirit exists in the Lord’s framework of heaven and earth. To the mystics. The number seven means the perfection of man. Therefore, each sign in John’s Gospel is another lesson taking a person to the pinnacle of their spiritual life and understanding. Your issue as crucifixion and resurrection is a spiritual lesson that takes a person from the lower waters to the upper waters, because you issue a tour the veil between fasset and Bina allowing himself to pass through it. And people can then do the same thing. The six vessels, the water pots plus yashua constitute the seven Sephora of lower waters and mouth. This spiritual structure is also known as Zener. And pin is the human image in pressed on the seven lower seperate of the tree of life. Spiritually, the image of God from Genesis can be viewed symbolically as the image of Zehr and pin in us. Our nefesh physical body is the image of the movement on the ladder of ascent is to start in mouthful. That’s where we live, ascending to yes to HOD to net sack to the ferret to good Bora. And finally, the asset. The six vessels represent spiritual growth that are presented at at this wedding. You see I had a start the spiritual journey of his disciples somewhere. They would not have understood your shoe his journey into the Godhead or DOD as it’s called, if they did not understand the spiritual, the seven Jimmy spiritual vessels of the lower waters. Once his disciples understood that they could move on into dA as he did, the wedding is symbolic. The marriage symbolizes the human connection to the chakaipa. This is the first step up the spiritual journey. You have to connect with the China here in Mount Hood in order to start moving up the ladder of ascent to yes it and into the lower waters and then eventually follow Yeshua into Bina into dye into the upper waters. There is so much more in the ancient Bible study section and in the spiritual section than I can give you on this video. I highly recommend that you purchase either the one book I have on the first side, or better if you’re going to watch the whole series, purchase the book on the seven signs and miracles. It’s called Jesus in the Kabbalah. I’ll put up the image of the book for you, you can go to Amazon and find them simple. Go to the search, putting k o p Li Tz my last name space books. And you will find them there. You can also go to my author’s page, you can go to my personal website and look under books under revealing biblical secrets there So much more than I can give you. Take care. And hopefully I will see you in the second part of this seven part series. God bless and shallow.