The Fifth Sign

Well welcome to the fifth part of our seven part series on Jesus in the Kabbalah, the seven signs and miracles found in John’s Gospel. And today we’re going to be taking a look at Jesus walking on water. This can be found in the Gospel of john chapter six verses 16 to 21. Why don’t you pause the video and go read that section in your Bible and I’ll just simply wait here to come back. Well, fantastic. I’m glad you’re back. The center of the chasm is the miracle Jesus walking on water. We’re going to do a little ancient Bible study mess methods here and ask him question or two about the story and then we’ll get into the spiritual analysis. Good question is Why did Jesus separate himself from his disciples? You know, he was together with them and Tiberius he’s making his way up to compare them. You know, it was Jesus way that after he performed a sign or miracle, you’d like to retire alone to pray and, and to rest. He just finished feeding 5000 people that took a lot of energy. And that, of course, is the fourth sign that we’ve already gone through. Another possibility is that he knew when he got to him which was like home base to him. There would be a lot of people that wanted to see him and they wanted to make him king by force. Jesus knew that kingdom of heaven was going to be done through peaceful methods, so I think he skipped it for that reason. walking on the sea is an Aramaic expression. So we’re going to take a look at this cultural and language thing for a minute. It means to walk alongside. It means to enter, it can mean because it can mean a lot of different things. But it really means walking by the sea. If Jesus wants to be walking on the water, I should say if the author wanted Jesus walking on the water, he would have used a different word. That word would have been the Amharic word I pay which means face. You walk on the face of the water actually walking on water in none of the aromatics. Documents does the word pay appear? So the right translation is that Jesus was walking by the sea, not on the sea. You could find this also in Hebrew in Genesis one two, where it says that God’s Spirit was all pinay on the face, come on, who am I am of the water. So Jesus did not walk on water. I know that’s gonna tear into a lot of you saying, well wait a minute that that that just Sam just just can’t be right. Well, if Jesus did not walk on the water, then what’s the importance here? Well, I think it has a lot to do with an understanding of Jeremiah and the nuclear covenant that he spoke of the Church of the East. The church, you might say of India teaches that it was Christ spirit that met the disciples in this narrative, and that Christ’s spirit met the disciples in that closed room after the crucifixion in John’s Gospel. The Church of the East makes a distinction between Jesus, the Christ spirit, but we could say Rwanda and Jesus, the nefesh the body. It’s not a miracle of walking on water because we can establish that didn’t happen. However, the miracle in this story in John’s gospel, the disciples met the Christ room. His Spirit before the crucifixion, he was outside of the nephesh. Now, thoughts Well, there’s a lot of difference here between walking on the water and walking on the seashore. We’ve kind of established that this controversy, of which one it was, is what caused the church to split in the fourth century, because the Church of the East separated itself from the Catholic Orthodox Church becomes the church that goes out toward India. Because the understanding that the Christ spirit was at the shoreline, and he gave a significant difference to the meaning of the story. Now let’s talk about the spiritual implications of The story. The Zohar says that when a person is asleep, their ruoff travels to the lower waters of the tree of life. Jesus left his disciples to pray in asleep. This is something he did in all four Gospels. When he was asleep, his ruak the Messiah, Christ ruoff would have traveled to the lower waters and entered yes it in this narrative. The sign is that the disciples saw the Messiah, Christ ruak on the shoreline. What this event demonstrates is the separation of the flesh and the ruak and that indeed exists. That’s important to understand. Because Crucifixion and Resurrection don’t make sense without it. disciples got to see the ruak before The night before the resurrection I’m sorry. The ra did not enter the boat. And by the next day, of course, the Ruach returned to the nephesh. And of course, Jesus the Messiah could now work with people. The teaching and the mission of Christ consisted of awakening us and opening our spiritual eyes, which had been closed in the times of the symbolic beginning. When Adam and Eve directed their awareness only to material existence, and forgot that there are actually two worlds in existence. Let me material world, the spiritual world. John’s Gospel is filled Filled with spiritual examples. This sign is one of many. Now this series covers the seven large signs miracles. It can be argued that there were more than seven. Because every narrative in John’s Gospel reveals some spiritual truth. John’s Gospel is the fair spiritual food that Christ wants us to find. Its hidden, hidden, so that it is only used for personal achievement. Rabbi Akiva said that the Zohar that the Lord’s secrets had in it had to be kept hidden and kept away from people who would miss use it. And as you learn how to decipher the codes and the secrets, you will have spiritual awareness like never before revealed to you There is more information in the book, The fifth of the seven signs. And of course, as I’ve said through each of the videos, if you’re going to watch all seven, you might as well get the book with all seven in it, and then you’ll have them all together. God bless you for listening to this video. I hope this has intrigued you to do some research on your own and look at the spiritual world that Christ wants us to find. God bless and Shalom.