The Do-Nothing Approach

Okay, so hello again. Now for this lesson, usually when stress, something that we don’t like comes up, we don’t want it there, and we try to do something about it. Maybe you try to run from it when we try to push it away, we try to do something about it. This is the do nothing approach. This is why it’s so simple why it’s so easy. And when we need a course to actually to actually explain it to the mind that yes, this is that all you have to do. That’s all you need. It’s the do nothing approach, sir. Just bear with me. Right now everything is the way it is for you. Okay, and why do you have to do anything about it? Why do you have to resist it? You don’t have to, you can just allow things to be however they are right now. Understand that when you try to change things, you’re actually judging things because you’re saying that this isn’t what I want. Otherwise, why would you change it? Hmm. If it was what you wanted, if you’re allowing it, then you wouldn’t care either way, and you wouldn’t try to change it. You wouldn’t try to do anything about it. So this is the do nothing approach. You actually doing nothing about stress. That sounds weird. You’re just allowing it to be there. And you’re letting it release on its own, letting it just be there as it is. By letting it be that as it is, you’re allowing it to release because the truth is that these things will bring up the bottle again, these things release at the urn pace. On they they release actually as fast as they come. If there’s no resistance, this is a good point of reference to have. If there’s no resistance to an experience, that was an experience. Then it goes as fast as it comes. And the way to think about this, which is helpful, I believe, is an electric wire. Now this might not be a perfect analogy, but it is really good. It’s really good. So imagine you got a wire, a wire, okay? You’ve got a while. And electrons traveling through that wire. Why is so why is have resistance for those not familiar with engineering and electricity. And as electrons travel through the wire, it’s it’s as that resistance is that as they travel through that resistance, it generates heat. You can kind of think of it like a ping pong thing. Imagine like there’s lots of little, lots of little little bowls everywhere and these little electrons kind of get scattered all throughout rather than just going through like that. They kind of got pppp bbbbbb. Again, not a perfect analogy but it gets the point through So, if there’s no resistance, if there’s no resistance, the electron doesn’t go up. Maybe, maybe maybe it just goes. So it comes. So if this is the point, this is the point, we’re focused on. That as soon as it reaches that point, it’ll leave as fast as it comes. As soon as it reaches that point, every shop as fast as it comes, because there’s no like, little dense materials making it go by. So it’s the same for our experience, an experience let’s say that this is our This is our point where the experience over here where the experience, if we resist things, we create this density that we’re like, No, we don’t want you to. So the experience slows down and it’s therefore longer and it generates we can say in a heated generates is like discomfort, and your feelings of discomfort in pain and maybe some suffering. If we Let go of all resistance will become clear. We accept it as it is. We just allow things to come and go as they please. Then they’ll go like that, the experience will arise. And as soon as it’s arising, it’s already falling away. As soon as it’s coming, it’s already going. So it’s like, music nerd, right? As soon as you hear a note, it’s already falling away. So it’s when you hear a music nerd, recognize that it’s already falling away, the moment you hear it, it’s gone. And that’s how experience also, that’s how things can be experienced. They can come and go that fast, if there’s no resistance to them. Now, obviously, we’re not expected to be like that at the start. And don’t expect yourself to be like that. If it happens, great. That’s awesome. If it doesn’t, that’s okay. Probably that’s how it’s gonna happen for most people. But that’s the ideal We hold in mind we hold in mind the ideal that, okay, if I wasn’t resisting this experience, then it wouldn’t be fair because it’d be gone already. So if I am experiencing all this pain and suffering, then I know that I’m resisting it. Okay, then that can bring us that recognition at all. Okay, I gotta let this thing go. Gotta let go to allow it to be as it is gonna allow it to be as it is, if you can say that this is really simple. And it’s really like in a decisions. It’s really intuitive. It’s really like flowy. You know, I’m using all these words, just to try to convey how this process is how I’ve seen it, how I see it, how I do it. But again, it’s not a doing this. It’s just like, it’s just intuition. It’s a process that happens on its own. And we kind of dance with it. We kind of Boogie with it with flow. It’s really fun. It’s really fun. I want to clarify that this is really fun. It’s really fun to just just dance. around with these things and kind of learn how they are, learn how they are and be like, okay, when I do this, that’s what happens. When I’m this way. That’s what happens when I’m that way. That’s what happens. And just just play around, just notice things. Just notice back, okay, I got a sensation over there. What happens if I’m just with that sensation and allowing it to be? Okay, okay. Okay, it’s taking this one’s taken a bit of time. But, but but now it’s a, it’s kind of disappearing. It’s a bit. It’s a bit. It’s a bit groovy. I like this is a bit fun. So it’s a do nothing. It’s just a fun dance. That’s all it’s a fun dance. That’s the better way to look at it. Now in the next video, I’m going to share an experience I recently had to to help build that recognition, again, familiarity, when we’re saying similar things in different ways. So that we have a higher likelihood of you recognizing what I’m talking about, because the thing that I’m actually talking about, I can’t say I can’t actually give it the name. I can’t give it words, but I can kind of dance around it, show you kind of how it is how I see it, and help you recognize it and kind of have that, ah, can I see what he’s talking about? I see what he’s talking about. Okay, so that’s what we’re looking for. And then again, critical point, begin to play around with this with yourself. So you can already feel what I’m saying you can already kind of get a sense of it. trust your intuition. Go with it. Play around dance bogie experiment, give it a go. Learn. You can only learn to see it yourself. Whatever you do, you can really learn there’s no failure, you can literally only learn. So just play around, learn. Just go with it. Just go with it. It’ll, you’ll have your own intuitive understanding. You’ll have your own intuitive understanding. That’s what I hope to recognize, to help you recognize Okay, I’ll see you the next one.