The Different Ways of Meditating

All right, so in this video, I’m going to be going over some various different things that you can physically do while doing simple meditation. What I mean by that is the way you sit the way you might be comfortable, whether your eyes are closed, things like that things that you might see people doing when they’re meditating, but you’re not 100% sure what you should be doing or why. So first, I’m going to start with your eyes. Now, a lot of meditation has you closing your eyes and like I said, either focusing on a certain thing or on calming down. But one thing that does count as meditation, even though it isn’t sort of considered part of the bigger practices is just chilling out. So for example, if you’re just sitting outdoors, say in a park or in your garden or on your balcony, even and just enjoying whatever is going on around you away from your normal distractions. Thinking about whatever is on your mind that counts as meditation to so your eyes don’t even necessarily need to be closed. In fact, that kind of meditation is great for also calming down and making yourself feel better. But it can also be used to overcome certain kinds of issues that might be on your mind. If you feel like you’re in a good enough mood to think about and overcome them. However, a lot of the time during meditation, your eyes will be closed because you want to instead of focusing on what’s around you focus on the exercise or on just the breath and nothing else or on something that’s in your head. And so you want to just shut down and calm down. So a lot of the times you will be closing your eyes. The next thing I’m going to go over is where you should meditate, right so I’ve already made mention to the fact that it can be outdoors or should be anywhere that you feel at peace but It can actually be in all sorts of places. Generally speaking, so long as you’re in a quiet place where you can get some peace of mind, that should be good enough. This could include in your room, it could include in your garden, it could include a public place, so long as you don’t feel too weirded out by that, as long as there are no normal distractions there, so that you can actually just focus on your exercises, then you should be all good. Next, I’m going to be going over what your body should be doing. Coming back to that idea I mentioned earlier of, you know, people’s outside perceptions of what meditation should look like because of just how many traditions it’s rooted in. In fact, simple meditation doesn’t even need to be done sitting up or sitting in a certain position. Depending on the type of meditation you’re doing. This will change but for certain kinds of calming meditations, where you just want to chill out It can be fine to just lay down on your bed with your eyes closed listening to whatever you’re listening to, a lot of the time, you will be sitting down and your posture does matter. It’s very common to see people sitting cross legged, where your posture can be decent, where it’s a fairly comfortable position. And you can just rest there and not need to worry about how your body feels because it’s just a very natural way to sit down. However, I personally like to sit on my legs sometimes because it can actually help me keep a better posture. And for me, that’s important, because it helps me stay focused on my breath, or on whatever else I want to be focused on during that exercise. But I can’t stay like that for too long because it does eventually start to hurt my legs, which is the downside. Different meditation traditions from all over the world do different things but like I said, for simple meditation, which is the only thing We really care about for the short course, it can basically be whatever you find comfortable so long as it’s useful for that kind of meditation exercise. Okay, so those were the three different things I wanted to go over in terms of what you should be physically doing during meditation exercises. I’ll see you in the next video to continue with more things that you should be doing.