The Different Kinds of Simple Meditation

All right, so in this video, we’re going to be going over very quickly the different kinds of simple meditation that you can do. This should help you understand exactly what you’d be doing when you meditate. The first type of meditation is called calming meditation. This is all about distressing or just calming down. By letting go of the things that you were thinking about that were making you feel stressed out or nervous or whatever you were feeling. Instead, you should just be focused on feeling more at peace and on letting go of any negativity that you feel. This tends to be done by doing breathing exercises or by focusing on things that make you feel better that makes you calm down, instead of focusing on the things that you probably would otherwise still be thinking about. The aim with this is to feel more at peace. The second type I’m going to go over is called insight meditation. You use this to help yourself focus on achieving a certain objective, such as being more productive for the day. The specific goals tend to be about making yourself feel a certain thing or helping your brain function in a certain way so that you can get on with your day in the way that you want to. This tends to be done by focusing on specific things that stimulate certain feelings that you can then carry with you for the rest of that day. Of course, there are also going to be more than just two types of meditation but for simple meditation, this tends to be all that you’re doing one of these two things depending on what you need, or how you’re feeling. And also there’s a lot of overlap. Sometimes you’ll end up doing both because you want to calm down for example, but then you want to leave feeling a certain way in the next couple of days. That we get into details about what you’re doing during those things that will start to really make sense for those of you who don’t really know where to get started. So we’ll see you then.