The Core and Lower Body

So let’s continue talking about the core because we haven’t talked about the hips yet and the lower body. So, here is your hip, gluteus maximus, your hip extensor. And you have the tensor fasciae latae in the iliotibial band. And then you have your quadriceps here which is the thigh muscle and your hamstrings in the back here. And your hip flexor muscle is in the front here. So hip abduction is let me just jump back here for a moment. These are the muscles which are involved in lifting your leg to the side IE abduction. For example, if you are standing any using a rubber band, you lifting your leg out to the side anytime between 15 to 20 raises This is great making sure that your foot is pointing bird or inside, not outside, because other than that, you’re not going to be using this muscle which is your other dinosaur. This is how you stretch it out while you lying down on your back. Very important that you prepare your hip abductor muscles. This way as you’re searching it out, then you strengthen it, then you stretch it out. Again, you can do this on the bench or your leg, it’s actually hanging off down to the floor and you’re raising it up to the side or the same thing can be done. Same thing can be done on the floor with the rubberband, muscles of the hip over here. So over here, hip extensors forming your beautiful buttocks and here in the back of your leg hamstrings. They are kind of working together. And here is your standing leg raises back for your hip extensions, or the same thing can be done With the rubber band. Now I want to show you hip extensions on your elbows and knees while you are raising one leg up to the extended part of your spine so not anything further back and making sure that your heel is loose leading the motion. Now you are inhaling here and you are exhaling because you’re raising your leg back up. You can do the same thing with your knee bent and keeping the knee bend at all times that will be engaging your hamstrings as well. Let me show you more hip extension is why you are lying there on your tummy or lifting both of your legs up it also hip extension, lifting one leg at a time without or with the court on the on the aerobic bench is also working on your hip extension stretching it out as well bringing the knee to the chair one leg at a time at a time and this is the piriformis stretch when you are bringing the opposite ankle on your knee and you pressing away from yourself this knee and bringing both of your legs inside your chest. The hip flexor muscle is the front of your hip is stretching right here. So let me show you the muscle here and it’s lifting your knee up and we stretching it out either you lie down on the edge of the bed and you’re hanging your one leg down. The other one is holding it inside your chest or in a kneeling position like such. Let me show you the hip flexor strengthening exercise anytime when you do a knee lift, you are strengthening the hip flexor muscle. And anytime you are doing the knees alternating knees to the chest is also exercising your hip flexor muscle. Let’s move into the inner thighs, inner thighs muscles in the gym you find machines for this. I don’t really prefer that but if you like it do so because it helps you with a really good control for your form and keeping your back straight. So here are your abductor muscles inside your thighs. Now how do you stretch it out inner thigh such as a side launch, there you are stretching it out here in the butterfly pose you stretching it out here and also the full straddle sit and bending forward is also stretching it out. Strengthening and very easy in a standing position crossing your leg raising the rubber cord inside to the center of your body or putting yourself on your side raising your leg off the bottom leg up, leaving it with your heel up from the floor. Inhale inhale and exhale as you are lifting up. Same thing can be done here by placing your Upper foot on a chair and lifting the bottom part up and with the ball by pressing inside the ball with your upper leg and this is involving your entire core here. So this is excellent exercise if you are a bit ready for more challenge. Knee extensions so here is your quadriceps muscle your thigh muscle in the front of your thigh is actually four muscles together. You can see here and this is how you search them out when you are bending your knee and holding up your foot that’s excellent is searching it out as preparation and we are strengthen it through squats by sitting back is like the chair pose from the yoga and you can do this with your feet shoulder width apart of facing forward, your feet are facing forward or your face or feet face. Your feet are facing outwards as you are doing the squats in US redell that will involve your inner thighs as well. So here you go. And you can add the add the little weights to this, just make sure that your shoulders are bending forward here and your hip is going backwards and your knees always staying above your ankle. So you are inhaling on the way down and exhaling on the way up, and the lunges, careful for those who have Bunyan’s and foot issues. You please skip these, it’s not for us, they read your squats, but if this is for you, you can make a maximum distance between your legs, keeping your bodyweight in the middle here, center of gravity is coming straight down as you’re bending both of your knees while you are keeping the body weight on the front foot on the heel and on the toes in the back here so it’s a good balancing exercise as well. Now hamstring, back of your thighs and in your back of your thigh. Yes, and this is how you stretch it out very easily. It’s a lot of storage of emotional stuff. So stretching the lot is good for you even just by stretching it you will feel better you will be able to walk easier. And if you need a little towel then you can use the towel as such as you are lying down. strengthening your hamstring with the rubber cords here, tying your rubber cords around your ankle and onto a door or some place which is fixed down. You lifting up your heels into the buttocks as you are exhaling and inhaling it returning it back. You don’t have a rubber cord, you have a ball. These are the heroes. hamstring curls with the ball with both of your legs. So you are inhaling as your leg extended and exhale as you’re rolling the ball in. And once you’re getting a little more advanced, you can do this one leg at a time. Let me show you. Here is your knee joint And inside, you have the anterior posterior cruciate ligaments, they are the one which are holding your name position so it doesn’t go forward and backwards. And it’s important to know because when you do squats here and you pressing your knee forward, proceeding your toes you will be stressing these ligaments in your knee which is not good for you. Ankle extension working on your calves, so you’ve got your calves muscle seed on the back of your lower legs. And this is from the back of your knee lower part going all the way underneath to them. You’re born here. And basically when you are raising your heels off the ground, then is strengthening and when you are pushing your heels to the ground, it’s extending. So let me show you how you stretch it out. Like such the easiest way holding onto a chair, or easiest way on stair anywhere or in a seated position just like so holding your toes back, your calves will stretch and just like so it’s almost a downward facing dog position. strengthening your calves very easy here is both of your legs at a time either on the floor or on a staircase and make sure that the staircase is actually helping you more because you’re here can hang all the way down to the heels so you get a bigger range of motion here. And you can also do it one leg at a time. Take care of your Achilles and make sure that you always stretch always even before you walk or you don’t do strength training only just cardio make sure you prepare your legs stretch your legs properly, because you can avoid a lot of injuries this way. I want to show you the front of your foot anteriority BLS. This is how you stretch it out before your walk, it’s pretty good to actually stretch this out. Adjust as well. And this is what you do with your foot if you have a little bit of an injury, so you raise eyes compressing elevators, number four, and bottom of your foot plantar fascia very important here because a lot of pain can be accumulated here if you are start running in a bad shoes or walking in a bad shoes. So you’re going to make sure that you roll your foot on the bigger rollers or a bottle of water and you can freeze that bottle of water even better. All your foot on a tennis ball it will stretch this muscle out so the pain will release. And as an exercise, you can pick up pebbles. It’s excellent to strengthen this muscle back up