The Conclusion

Hi and welcome to this last and final chapter of punch v interface. This would be the conclusion, Chapter of all those videos that we have learned. Let me just start with this. First point. Fear is a mental monster that you have created. Fear Itself does not have any power of its own. You are the person who give fear its enormous power. You are the person who allowed me to take root deep roots within yourself and in your life. Learn to understand fear, not fight fear in your life. If you start fighting fear, it will be bigger war, which would be never ending. Second point is, I would want you to take decisions in a rational point of view your decision should be rational and based upon facts and logical conclusions. It should not be based upon me emotional things The more you start taking decisions in an emotional manner, fear will start coming over you make sure your thinking is also rational. But the third point that I want speak is fear of others opinions. There will always be somewhat more somebody to oppose you in your life. People come in all stages in your life, just to oppose you. And to put pressure on you. Not be swayed by these kind of persons. You can only be accepted by a few people in your life. Don’t try to please everybody in this pack. Make sure that you really understand fear. If you are in a depression. Stop asking proper questions to yourself. Why am I in this kind of trouble? Machine What is wrong in my life? Why did I become like this? What kind of decisions should it make in my life? The more you start asking questions, make sure that your mind will turn out answers your mind is the greatest at the mission, I can give you answers. They tell that you have tremendous amount of power, tremendous amount of potential, you are capable of many great things. This may be hundred percent true, but also imagine that your mind has a very high level of power. It could you know, downward spiral. The more you start listening to your inner voices in a negative mind frame your life definitely been downwards. So understand both your positives and your negatives to make sure you come out of your fear and anxiety and depression, fighting fear A welcoming fear is just not the single task in your life. Almost all areas encompass this journey against fear. Understand, do you manage your priorities in your life properly, they give proper priority to your work your family life, to your studies or to your hobbies. Your Life has to be in different compartments and make sure that you spend the proper time in each and every compartment in order to succeed. If you spend one more time in a single compartment, that is your love for evil will in turn ruin your family lives. Keep in mind that you have supposed to spend or your priorities to each and every compartment in your life. I really believe that you have enjoyed you’d have enjoyed this video and turn into take steps to change your way Part of life away from fear and to make sure that you move in a path of joy and happiness. really understand that you’re blessed with this life, you only have just one single life, you really do not know what is going to happen tomorrow or maybe the next day. So why do you suggest you lick your side thing fear, learn to practice is part of happiness. Understand that you have every right to be happy. In this world, there is no one who can ruin your happiness. Other thing, he does the same for also rejection. Nobody has any ability to reject you, other than you have accepted. rejection, understand your fears. Go into the depths of fears. The more you go into the depths of fears, you will understand that it is really not a deeper as it seems to be. If you really want To learn something, you cannot learn it. You have to jump into the water and learn something. This is what I’m asking you to face like, face life without fear and enjoy joy and happiness. We hope so this course would have been a little bit useful for you. And I would honestly ask your reviews and comments. After you have watched this course your honest feedback would be necessary for me to make amendments to this course or make changes. And I would also tell myself that this course will be periodically upgraded based upon your review and comments. Thanks for watching this course. All the best for your beautiful and wonderful life filled with joy and happiness without fear. Thank you. Bye