The Cause Of Suffering

Hi, I’m Johnny john. To create greater happiness in life, we have to address the suffering state of mind. So today we’re looking at what suffering is. So we know what we’re dealing with. So what is suffering? Suffering is simply any negative state of mind, which creates unhappiness from within. For instance, fear, anger and patience, and the list goes on. And that does not matter whether it’s big or small, because if we only focus on the big ones, we’re going to surely forget to address the smaller ones, in the smaller ones may be magnified by an outer experience. Later on, such as selfie of public speaking, we may not really feel it now in our daily lives until we are put in front of an audience. So suffering with a big ozmo is equally important to be addressed. And that’s really important also to be aware that suffering is a state of mind rather than inaction. So you may not appear angry. But if you’re experiencing anger, even slightly, then you’re angry. It’s simple as that. It’s important to develop this awareness because we can only address what we are aware of. Now that we know what suffering is, let us look at the cause of suffering. This the alto course and this in the course it has using some people, for instance, l work colleagues, it’s something to make us angry. What is the alpha course? This our work? Hello And how do we address that alto course? Well, there are various various ways you can address it by arguing with them. You can address it by avoiding or suppressing the anger. I’m not here to talk about the right way of addressing the alto courts because that’s completely up to you. I’m here to say, if we do not address the intercourse, no matter if you win the argument with them, or if you successfully avoid this person for the rest of your life, you will still experience suffering state of the mind again and again when a similar situation arises. So that’s why it’s important to know what the in the cause of suffering so we can address it. So what’s the course? Well, personally, when I started out on my journey of addressing the suffering state of the mind, I did not know the intercourse and as a result, I created very little self transformation. In the beginning, I just couldn’t, no one told me what the cost was. I actually tried to look for it and books in the internet. But everyone was talking about how to manage it at the surface level. After a while, I realized it’s really important to know how suffering begins at the deepest level, so we can address it there. And if we because by doing that, we don’t have to experience it again. So I went on my own journey of researching how suffering was created. And to do my research, I would wake up every day at 4am, prepare myself a meditation and yoga to stabilize my mind because I would put myself in suffering situations day by day, so I can experience what this experience of suffering really is in the mind. For instance, if I wanted to study the fear of heights, I would go ride a roller coaster I would climb a tree I would I, I’ve flown a stump plane, I went bungee jumping, and all sorts just to bring the fear out. If I want to, to study anger, then I would surround myself with people I didn’t like to study and patients, I went on really long, horrible meditation retreats that just seem to last forever. And that really bought them patients out of me. And I simply shift and shift and was quiet. It was quite a stimulating and horrible experience. But of course, meditation really helped to stabilize my mind through the experience so I can simply observe what was happening. And what I discovered was that all forms of sufferings, whether it’s fear or anger or impatience, when you’re in the state of suffering, you’re in a state of rejection towards yourself towards It’s a situation where personnel outside I call this state of suffering a state of rejection of yourself because to the deeper mind itself is everything that exists in the world and what creates this state of rejection comes from the negative ideas we create in our minds and what negative ideas they are the ideas which promote the rejection of the self and they can be easily understood as self declarations which begin with it is not okay. For instance, it is not okay to fail. It is not okay to be embarrassed. It’s not okay to be rude. It is not okay to waste time and those sorts and from this negative idea, come suffering. So from the negative idea comes suffering from all levels of Mind, because it’s not okay, for instance to fail, then there will be a state of rejection to what’s the self, when it fails, there will be the negative physical sensations to do with failing, they will be negative thoughts about failing because it’s not okay to fail, they’ll be fears of failing because it’s not okay to fail. There’ll be negative judgment towards each other for failing, so from one negative idea, so that one negative idea is experienced, and all levels of the self and that comprises the suffering experience. Now, I know it’s really hard to understand this at the intellectual level and I’ve greatly simplified it. You can look at him in more detail on my website creation within creation calm. But what you can do with this information, I guess is From now on, when you Go through a suffering experience, try to describe it through negative ideas. For instance, a work colleague said something angry to you ask yourself What? Perhaps a work colleague has something to make you angry. But you can ask yourself what negative ideas are driving my suffering experience, and often you will find many negative ideas. But most often, you will not know when negative ideas I applied. Because when we are suffering, we’re in a state of confusion as well. The mind will be stimulated with those sorts of thoughts, thoughts about how to punish the other person, how to escape the situation, how to sew the alto course rather than the intercourse. This is why it’s important to develop stillness because this will help us to be in a state of observation rather than reaction, so we can know the negative ideas within our suffering experiences. So in summary, Today we’ve learned what suffering is. We’ve learned that suffering is any negative state of mind, which creates unhappiness from within, whether it’s big or small, equally important to be addressed. We’ve understood the outer cause of suffering. The outer cause can be understood as the experiences we go through, which brings out the inner cause of suffering, and to light the negative ideas. In the next video, we’ll be talking about how to transform our sufferings so that we do not have to experience them again. So I’ll see you in the next video. So today, I want to talk about the steps required for us to transform the suffering states of the mind. To recap what is the suffering state of the mind. Suffering is any negative state of the mind which creates unhappiness from within it can be a state of fear, a state of anger or impatience, and so forth. So how do we transform the suffering states of the mind so we don’t have to experience them again. And the last video, we learned that, oh, the, the seed costs of all forms of sufferings come back to negative ideas, ideas, which promote the rejection of the self suffering is experienced when we become attached to these negative ideas. So to release ourselves from the suffering, we release ourselves from the attachment to these negative ideas. So whether it be if fear and impatience or anger, that you’re trying to transform, you simply release your attachment. You simply discover the negative ideas and release your content. Attachment towards them. They know more suffering. Simple, right? But it’s not as simple as it seems. Because how hard it is to forgive someone, even which, if we try how hard it is to let go of our attachment to what’s the negative ideas we have to what someone that has angered us. You see some negative ideas can be so deeply rooted in our consciousness that is hard to let go. Now in terms of the process of releasing our attachment towards negative ideas, it’s important to understand what releasing attachment really means, how that’s letting go, what this releasing means to the consciousness. It’s important to know this so we know where we want to take our mind towards. So let us look at this. So let me explain. So letting go releasing attachment towards negative ideas. And a consciousness essentially means to transform the negative ideas into the opposite of what it is. That has how it’s released. And the opposite of negative ideas or potential ated ideas. Negative ideas, ideas, which promote the rejection of the self potentiated ideas are the opposite. They promote the acceptance of the self. let me simplify even further. So we’re trying to transform the self declaration that is not okay to address Okay, for example, it is not okay to fail to it. It’s okay to fail. And as we work on this transform meishan of the negative ideas towards this direction, or negative physical sensations, negative emotions, negative thoughts to do with failing will disappear, because it’s okay to fail. And it’s important to remember that we’re working on the state of the mind rather than the action. So we’re not trying to become a failure outside. We’re trying to reach that in the acceptance that it’s okay to fail on the inside. If you truly accept that it’s okay to fail, there will be no fear of failing, there will be no negative judgments towards others in ourselves when we fail, because it’s okay to fail. And as we work on transforming negative ideas into potentiated ideas, all levels of the self will be potentially affected. Because negative ideas limit the self potential created. Ideas remove these limitations, allowing us to create more potential Allowing us to expand our potential and create greater happiness in life. So in summary, to transform our sufferings to transform and release our sufferings, we simply release our attachment towards the negative ideas driving the experience. The process of releasing attachment is the process of transforming the negative ideas and to the potentiated ideas of transforming ideas which promote the rejection of the self, towards the acceptance of the self. So essentially, it’s a journey of developing self acceptance and developing stillness and knowing will help you on this journey. And the next video we will look at this process in more detail and the ways to accelerate the journey with catalysts. So I’ll see In the next video So in the last video we talked about how to transform the suffering states of the mind so we don’t have to experience them again. This is about discovering the negative ideas driving out suffering experiences and transforming them into the opposite of what is what they are, which is potentiated ideas. So basically transforming ideas which promote the rejection of the self towards ideas which promote the acceptance of the self. Today, we’re looking at the ways to accelerate this process with catalysts and what are catalyst a catalyst is something which accelerates a process. Let me give you an example. So you can understand it better. For instance, there may be a person trying to push a stone will. He wants to push it to its desired destination but he Pushing it in a way that’s going to take forever. For instance, he’s pushing it with a flat on the ground. Now if someone with the right knowledge comes along, brings to us awareness that if he pushes this dunwell upright, he will be able to reach his destination, and less time and effort will save a lot of time and effort for this person. So knowledge is a catalyst, because within the right knowledge, you’ll be able to use your effort more wisely, more efficiently. These videos can be seen as catalysts as well, because I created these videos to give you the right knowledge to transform your sufferings, to push that wheel of transformation more efficiently. Without the right knowledge we can spend a lot of time and effort addressing our sufferings like trying to attack Trying to put out the fire by attacking the flames rather than extinguishing it at the work. You know, for years, I tried to address my sufferings in a very inefficient manner. Sometimes I would suppress it while most of the time I would hide it, and then times I will try to express and later blow up. But it was only when I realized the cause of suffering, the sequence of suffering, that I was able to use my knowledge, my effort, I was able to use my knowledge to apply it more efficiently and achieve greater results. And now that you know the seat cause of all your forms of sufferings come from negative ideas, you at least have a grasping point because suffering is something that That is difficult to deal with because it’s so intangible. When we do not have the right knowledge. We’d be asking where did the fear come from? Where did the anger come from? It’s like fighting with shadows. We don’t know how to solve the problem if we do not know what caused the problem. But now that you know, oh, sufferings begin with negative ideas unless you have a grasping point. Next time you experience anger, for example, you can question yourself, what are the negative ideas behind this experience? Perhaps it’s not okay to be rude. And that will be your starting point. And then you can inverted to the opposite of what it is potentially to the ideas. It is okay to be rude. So now you have a journey. It has no tokay to be rude to me, it’s okay to be rude. This will give you a clue of the spiritual journey that you have to take The spiritual journey of self acceptance that you have to take to create self transformation to release your suffering states of the mind. And no doubt on your journey, you will encounter many confusions in darkness because the mind out of old habit will kick in. As you try to transform your negative ideas, it’s going to question you. Why is it okay to be rude? Why sir, okay for others to be rude, why it’s okay for me to be rude. How dare they be rude? It’s bad to be rude. And as a result, you’ll most likely abandon the journey because the mind has convinced you to carry on with that old habit of negatively reacting. The old habit of suffering again and again. That is why I keep on stressing the importance of developing stillness, because stillness will help to seize these unnecessary And the dialogues and help you to see clearer and side of what’s happening inside and the negative ideas behind them to invest your energy in a more efficient way. So instead of thinking of solutions to punish others, will allow you to look inwards and think of solutions to solve that confusion on the inside. Well, that’s also another reason why I created the website creation within creation calm, because there I will put various catalysts, various articles on how to deal with particular sufferings. And reading these will help you will help guide you out of the confusion you may face. You’ll also be able to find techniques, ways to accelerate the process and what and know what kind of life experiences you have to fill your life with, to accelerate particular transformation of sufferings. So in summary, with the right knowledge, we can use our effort more properly. Of course in the beginning, the knowledge will come from someone who has been on the journey before like me, and these will be stepping stones for you. The most valuable knowledge is experience knowledge. So use my knowledge as stepping stones for you to develop your own experience knowledge and this will help to transform your mind.