The Burden of Our Thoughts

And welcome to another chapter on leave the backpack after the journey is over. Let me just start with a beautiful story once they were losing monks was going on a long pilgrimage. Actually, a climate was very bad and it is kind of started rain. So these dudes in harm’s way walking along the way. But they came to a race there was a link between their journey that these people have to cross the lake and carry on with the journey. Once they reach that way. They saw a very beautiful lady standing on the side of the lake. The lady was dressed in a beautiful silk dress and this was looking very good. So this is one of the Zin mom looked at the situation and took pity upon this lady and ask the almighty beautiful lady. If you do not mind, I carry on my shoulder and help you cross all day. This lady was very happy and The situation was the same that was he carried the radio shoulders and he just crossed on the other side of the lake on reaching other side of the lake is in Makkah just wait that lady come down and then after that they all say thank both carry the genie after this. So these to be a gentleman has to go to very distant place so they continued walking and it was a time of the night that they have to take some shelter from the wild animals or some kind of dangerous that happened. So they stayed in a monastery. So another Zima will never carry this maiden asked asked another one. How can you do a thing like this These in homes are sworn into celibacy is a very bad thing that you what you read over there. I have been learning to ask asking you this equation from this morning but there was very frustrated and not able to memorizing. So I have to ask you at least know the mom who carry this vein and simply smile at it like my dear friend, I invested beautiful lady after this crossing the lake itself, are you still carrying her with you? It is too bad. The moral of the story is after the situation has passed, what is the need to carry on with the thoughts again and again? If you want to, let me just go around with this fear aspect, fear is something that tells you what what is going to happen in the future. The more your thoughts are focused upon the future, a more you’re going to feel fearful in your life. It is better that you just detach yourself from the situation and keep on getting yourself. Remember there are times in your life. I have faced many situations like this. That is from the morning then I start speaking, I start thinking something very bad about somebody this thought keeps continuously rotates continuously in a cycle. And by the time of the evening I meet the train I meet this person, when we start speaking the situation is not as bad as my thoughts or my imagination. And after we speak to a friend or after this, we defuse the situation our mind becomes very relaxed and we are not carrying this burden. Maybe many of us would not have given much focus upon situations like this, but sooner or later need to understand that there are many situations that come into your life and it is better that you just keep this burden off from you after this journey has passed. So, my dear friends, remember this, don’t you need to hide in the person that is after situations over just stop it? There itself, don’t keep thinking again and again. The border may be very great for you to be so throw your thoughts away and live a beautiful life like you and I will meet you