The Beat Procrastinating Identity

Welcome to Part One of beat procrastination. We call this section you. Remember, I see procrastination like a dragon? How do you control this dragon? First, you need to become the type of person that can step onto the battlefield and face it. Here’s what I mean. I want you to remember a time in your life where you really got what you wanted to done. Maybe you had a work project and sat down and cranked it out in one sitting, maybe you wanted to go to the gym, and you not only made it there, but you pushed yourself and worked out hard. Now, remember a time in your life where you really struggled to get what you wanted to done. Maybe you had something on your to do list, but couldn’t get yourself to sit down and do it. Maybe you want it to go to the gym, but sat home and watch Netflix instead. This is something I’ve experienced many times before, I can remember times when I felt like I was on fire. And it was easy for me to get things done. And I can remember times when it felt like the only thing that I could do was procrastinate. So I imagined something. And I want you to imagine this to imagine you’re at your front door, and you’re about to walk inside you put the key in the keyhole, put your hand on the doorknob, push the door open, and step inside. Inside, you have two guests waiting for you. Who are they? They’re the two versions of you. One That Got that work project done went to the gym and one that didn’t do the task stayed home. So you walk up to each of them and one at a time, you want to get to know them a little better. Yes, they look the same on the outside, maybe they’re even wearing similar clothes. But as you have a short conversation with each one, you may notice that they’re actually two vastly different people, you might notice that one talks with more drive and purpose than the other. With more enthusiasm makes more direct eye contact is sitting up straighter. You’ll notice that yes, they’re actually pretty different people. And I thought about this because when we think of beating procrastination, the first thing we usually think of is what do I need to do to beat procrastination. But then I thought about Jim Rohn, the motivational speaker from the 70s and 80s. Who said, don’t wish it were easier wish you were better. Or Henry David Thoreau who said what you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. And I wondered, What if What do I need to do is the wrong question, at least the wrong first question, what if the first question I need to ask myself to beat procrastination is Who do I need to be? In other words, there surely was a time in your life at least once that you were able to follow through on what you want it to do? How can you not just do what that version of you did? But how can you become more like that version of you? I thought about this a lot and came to the conclusion that there are five important elements to you becoming more like that version. I call it pointer. p. Oh, I, d. a, let’s go over what each stands for P. Purpose. This means you’re someone who feels like you’re on a mission, and not just someone who shows up to work to push a few papers around. Oh, obsession. This means you’re someone who is obsessed with your mission. And not just someone who lets their thoughts go all over the place. Thinking about a random movie one minute and about a person you dislike the next minute. Three, intensity. This means you’re someone who moves through life with some degree of intensity. It shows in how you walk, how you talk, and how you work. D demanding progress. This means you’re someone who demands progress of yourself and of the people around you. You don’t just say how many hours did I work but how much closer Am I to achieving my dreams, a awareness. This means that you’re aware when you’re not showing up as your best self so you can catch that other procrastinating version of you and make sure you’re operating from the more productive self. Let’s go over each one one at a time.