The Art of Being Deaf

Hi, and welcome to my video on you need to be deaf is it we just start with a story. Once upon a time there was a small gentleman. And in between this jungle there was a very large part. This large pond was surrounded by many creatures. There were many efficients they were starfishes there were monkeys in the tree, they were beards and there were numerous amount of frogs. There were claims all this creatures were living inside the lake or in and around this beautiful big thing is that all these animals were in good and wonderful relationship with each other and they lived in a total harmony of the home. But what happens is that some Things animals are also like human beings. So, they wanted to establish that which raises dominance among themselves. So, in between this commotion, they wanted to start a race between these frogs, because frogs were the largest number of people on this thing. So, they decided that whoever can win the race among the frogs will be crowned as the frog King among themselves. So, all these animals when approached, start living all this talk was very old store was highly genius and he was a kind of big judge who takes good decisions. So when they approached the store to the store was very happy becoming that he was kind of esteemed person in the use of all these other anyways, so stop all the time. And animals that war can climb this tall tower will be crowned as the Great King. everybody understood that. Frogs are not good climbers, they are good jumpers. But still all the frogs agree to this decision since the stork is a kind of a systematic person in the audience from started practicing, like real athletes, they ran for a day or two, a two crust pace with very little and it was like kind of accuracy, competition between themselves and who’s going to win the race. Until one day, the day of the race started, all the frogs were lined up, of course not starting this race. There were huge spectators for watching this race and this kind of a special race and this is the first time such a kind of race is happening in this jungle. And one of the spectator told us I think no frog is going to win this race. second month older, I think it’s a waste of time this race, I don’t know what he’s gonna be the third one. I think after this race is over, the frogs will kill each other and the frog race itself will become extinct. And there were also many other comments passed on this also is so all the frogs, who will participate in this race was hearing all these opinions and comments of the same spectators or viewers. So, even though they have practiced them, to a very great extent, in order to win this race, the comments of others started raining down their motivation levels. And finally the race started. And one day one of the frogs started losing weight climbing the tower and there were some even reached the top of the tower but they gave up and they started falling down. They are more or less moral motivation was becoming very low. And ultimately, what happened There was one frog never ever gave up. We just jump on, jump on and on and on until he reached the top of the crowd went crazy. And they were applauding this frog like anything else, one person older, I really knew that this one is the one who’s destined to win. This is the second one told when they saw this person itself, I think this crop would definitely win the series. The third comment was, I think the you know, because the enormous strength of this crop, I think he can even be the likey such as the opinions of the spectators after the stroke has won this race, and there were even very positive opinions or comments after this broadcast, won this race. So a great frog was won. This finally came down and stood on this stage for getting this award. Then the judge, the great star came and asked Oh my dear frog How did you even this piece? frog just look at the tension Dude, what? I’m not able to hear you. The start repeated this question again. But still the frog told. My dear sir, I was wonderful long time ago. This is a one of the story. Sometimes you really need to be deaf, in order to succeed in movement. And coming to this power aspect of fear, you have to understand that some of our fears are just starting because of the opinions of others. What is this person going to think? What What is that person going to think? If they don’t do a presentation, well, what is this? What are my colleagues? Think about me? All this kind of opinions from others will drive you nuts and will create an imaginary fear in your life like what would happen if you remain yesterday. opinions of others. How would your life be? I think you would be the one who would be taking the responsibility of your life rather than others, judging or pushing your life, it would be better not to just think about the opinions of others. Take some time every day to remain Deaf to the opinions of others. If you start to remain, I don’t mean that you have to be like kind of nasty or arrogant, always telling yourself that I am not bothered about this opinions of others. No, you don’t have to go into a negative aspect of your life. rather think just leave the opinions of others and just act as if your life is in your hands. I think you I think you will be able to face a great deal of life without the fear of the opinions of others. I think you’d have like the story. I’ll just meet you in the next year. Like