Taking Your Time on the Journey

The journey of self acceptance will take you to develop the wisdom that everything that you do in life deserves to be praised to be loved. Everything that you do in life is acceptable. Life is too long to be unhappy to be dwelling on negativity, to be dwelling and self criticism. Of course, when you start out on the journey of self acceptance, you will find it difficult to accept yourselves fully. This is natural. The journey of self transformation takes time. Just start out for instance, accepting yourself for just 20% then the next day with a next week, except yourselves 21% 22% 23% exception ourselves more and more every week, every month and like this, you will start to experience positive changes in your life, you will start to experience they fix of the little droplets of happiness and self acceptance that you are creating within you will start to become aware of the difference of a mind that is only 20% accepting and the mind which is 100% accepting, you will start to become aware that the mind which is only 20% accepting is full of negative ideas of how I should be, how others should be what I should do to be happy, I don’t deserve this and that and the mind which is 100% accepting. I am okay with anything. I am happy with things as they are. So just keep on trying your best to move forward on the journey of developing self exit Dance. That is how you develop greater happiness.