12. Summary For Negative Ideas

Okay, let us do a summary of the videos regarding negative ideas. So the purpose of these videos were to make you aware that the cause for all forms of your sufferings, whether it’s a fear, with its anger, and patience, and so forth. The course the seed cause of all forms of your sufferings and negative ideas. It’s important to have such knowledge. Because once the cause of a problem is no one thing solutions for it can be found. And also such knowledge can motivate one to take the journey of self transformation, because the journey of addressing one’s fears once anger once negativities and no longer dark and mysterious, we now have a direction which is to address the negative ideas. So in the first video, It’s basically just an introduction to the importance of knowing the cause of our suffering states of mind. So that we can address it. The next set of videos we learned what negative ideas really are, how to transform them, how to expand them to know ourselves. We learned that negative ideas are the seed cause for all forms of our sufferings negative ideas ideas, which promotes self rejection, they can be transcribed into self declarations beginning with it’s not okay. And to discover them, we can ask ourselves questions when we suffer, when we in the suffering situation what is not okay. What am I not, what am I rejecting and such and the experience and then we all yes and also to discover the negative ideas require practice. Trying to always transcribe suffering experiences into negative ideas. And practices such as meditation can help one gravely to discover the negative ideas. Then we looked at how to expand negative ideas, to see how one negative idea can create so many issues in the mind, fears, wandering thoughts, attachments, and how transforming that seed cause of our sufferings, being Oh forms of sufferings, which sprout from that seed will be naturally resolved. Then we looked at how to transform negative ideas. The key to transforming negative ideas is to develop self acceptance, because the state of suffering is state of rejection. So we can transcribe the journey of self transformation into a journey of transforming negative ideas. It is not okay to potentially ideas, ideas which promotes self acceptance, it is okay. And then we looked at how to transform negative ideas from the angle of habits, we saw that suffering is simply a habit of always reacting negatively to negative ideas, and the similar situation again and again. So to transform it, we have to do something different. instead of always rejecting we have to develop self acceptance. Then we looked at how the state of stillness can help us on our journey of self transformation. We saw that state of stillness can actually be said to be a state of self acceptance because when your mind is still you in a natural state of self acceptance, so whenever you pull yourself out of suffering situations into a state of stillness, you’re essentially developing self acceptance because you’re pulling yourself out of the state of self rejection. Then we looked at how negative ideas can produce excess wandering thoughts and stimulation and how it can affect the mind and how addressing the negative ideas, issues to do with wandering thoughts and attachments and naturally resolved. Then we looked at attachment and relation to negative ideas, how attachment to external things were always begun within how attachment to basically anything begins with the attachment towards negative ideas and how by transforming negative ideas, any issues to do with attachment will naturally be resolved. Then we looked at how and we looked at the relationship between health and negative ideas. We looked at how the body is always in the process of healing and to help them The body to heal itself, we have to work with the body rather than against it. And what can create most stress for the body as when we stress our minds with negativity So naturally, by transforming negative ideas, we’re assisting the body to heal itself of everything. So I hope that you have become more knowledgeable through these videos. I hope you have become aware that all forms of sufferings are caused by negative ideas. Now, of course, I have been talking about negative ideas in relation to sufferings in a very general way. Of course, I can talk at length, about how negative ideas can create anger can create fear can create impatience, but this will just make the videos too long and impractical. My goal is simply to make you become aware because when you become aware that all forms of your sufferings come from negative it You will realize the importance of addressing them, thereby addressing the negative ideas or forms of your sufferings will be addressed as well. Because we’re in life, we have a tendency to make things complicated. A lot of us think anger and impatience are separate things will fear. And as a result, they become so mysterious and they don’t know how to address them. By now, I have simplified the complexity of suffering into one course, which had the negative ideas so now it becomes clearer. So in the next set of videos, I will be talking about how to transform negative ideas will be more practical, and will be the more practical section where you learn how to use life experiences, to transform your negative ideas. So I will see you soon. Oh, and also remember The practice of meditation can help you greatly on your journey of self transformation. So do think about it because it can help you to cultivate this stillness, this right state, the state of mind, that can help you to accelerate your journey of self transformation. So I’ll see you soon.