You did it. You went through the sections. You’ve learned what all of the letters in the word burnout stands for. And more importantly, you’ve learned what some of those burnout signs are, so you can start addressing burnout in your own life. Now, this final section is just going to summarize what we talked about, just so you haven’t in a nice, wrapped up package that you can go back to and look at, again, when you need to refresh on what burnout does to you, and the impact that it has on your life and more importantly on how to avoid it at all cost. So let me go ahead and get that presentation started. Bear with me one moment, as I navigate our friend called technology. Here we go. Your life is important. You need to live a life that’s burnout proof. And you can. Yes, there’s stress in life, as I’ve said before in the course. But what’s important is you control your life. So your behaviors, your thought patterns, how you design your life is going to help you prevent your your burnout journey. Last time, what is burnout? It’s a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress in your life. It happens when you are overwhelmed, physically and emotionally drained, and you’re no longer able to meet the constant demands that life throws at you. What are some quick fixes? What can you do to help mitigate your stress and burnout get restful sleep, sleep is so critical, you need to figure out how to get a good night’s sleep every night. And that means from the pillow that you use to the bedding, you use the room temperature, you use your mattress. The lighting is a dark, make sure your room is dark, because blue lights and lights from cell phones and other devices impact your ability to get restful sleep. So eliminate those from your room and if all possible or invest in asleep, bask. They are great. took me a while to get used to mine but like I don’t go anywhere without one. I keep one in my luggage and I have one at home so I always have one nearby. eat healthier. Now. I’m not going to tell you to just switch to an all kale diet. But hey, if you like kale, Congratulation, I know there’s at least 10 of you see that tongue in cheek. I know a lot of people like kale, just picking on you but eat healthier. Find a nutritionist to figure out the right combination of foods that work for you. That will give you natural energy to help you fight off the toxins that we face in life and, and just be a healthier human being. I’m not saying don’t ever eat fast food again, if you can skip it do but in certain circumstances, just make sure you don’t have that as your primary diet all day and all night. You have to prioritize your self care first, I’m a reformed people pleaser. I would give of myself to the point where I would be detrimental to myself to help somebody else. learn my lesson the hard way. I actually learned that lesson a few times. Sometimes you’re a slow learner in life. But you’ve definitely made a big impact on my life by prioritizing myself care first. I have to take care of me first. When you do that, You’re the best version of you, then when you do choose to help others, they’re getting a much better version of you than they did before. And they’ll appreciate it. So you got to take care of yourself first. And every week, you need to do at least two to three things that bring you joy and fulfillment in life. You need to reconnect with your life goals. And your journal, write down your life goals, if you don’t have them already written down. And the key thing is to write them down. I know a lot of people type their notes and I get that I do the same thing. However, writing, you know, really makes it stick a little bit better. You have something that’s concrete that you can touch, got to get active. Now, I’m not telling you to become a gym rat in and spend hours and hours in the gym. But if you do, you’ll make sure you work with somebody that enables you to exercise The right way. So you don’t injure yourself because you don’t want to do that, but get more active. And I think everybody can be more active. And that means walking around a little bit more doing some exercises, work with a health professional, and a trainer that can guide you. So you again, don’t injure yourself and you actually get the results that you want. And it’ll help with your sleep. It’ll help with your digestive system. It has so many effects and positive effects to your life and it just makes it so much better for you to do it. Even if it’s as simple as when you’re driving to work if you park further back in the parking lot, so you get a few extra steps in every day, that makes a difference. So get more active and the letter B and burnout boundaries. You need to establish boundaries in your life. You need to protect yourself. It’s a form of self care. Because if you don’t people will violate those boundaries. If you don’t establish And, quite frankly, take advantage of you. And that’s not good for you to add stress to you. And guess what, you’ll be burned out just because people are not observing the boundaries that you need to set in your life. If you don’t have boundaries in your life, these will fall. I’ve talked about my year of worst case scenarios, but just to reiterate, over a period of 369 days, I had a heart attack that should have killed me. I lost my job during the economic recession. My family car was repossessed by the bank and then finally, our home was foreclosed all any year. Every one of those losses are devastating to people. Imagine all four of them happening to you in a year. What would that feel like? Think about that. Think about being physically ill where you have to be hospitalized and have to recover for almost half a year. You lose your job, you have no idea income coming in, your car gets taken away by the bank because you can’t make the payments because you’re spending thousands on medication. And then finally your home, where you live, where you keep your stuff gets taken away by the bank. All those in here. How does that feel? Does this scare you? It should. If it doesn’t, you’re more burned out than you thought. I should scare you. The thought of it scares me and I went through it. I don’t ever want to go through that experience again. So I made the changes in my life in order to prevent another year of worst case scenarios. And you can too. I’ve talked about this a few times. We’re doing things in your life and scheduling them are important. So this next exercise you can do in your journal, and in a second I’ll give you a link where you can download a free template for this but I call this the bucket list and it’s similar to the bucket list that we’ve all heard about. This one’s different. These are things that you’ve already done that you enjoy doing in life. They bring you joy, they bring you happiness, fulfillment. And they could be simple things like going to the movies, or going to a coffee shop or going out to dinner with friends or going to a sporting event or a concert. or watching your favorite movie or sitting on your patio or your balcony and watching cars go by or listening to the birds, simple things. And a lot of these things, frankly, don’t cost money. But they do cost one thing they cost a little bit of time. And, again, how you spend your time is going to dictate how your life goes. So when you think about these things, and take a few minutes, and list out these things that you enjoy that bring you happiness and fulfillment in life, and write them down on the left side of a piece of paper and do this exercise and if you need to pause this for about five minutes and just list out as many things as you can Over five minutes, you can always go back to this and add later. But for the next five minutes just pause this session, write those things down and then press play again. I’ll be here waiting. Welcome back. How’s that list? looking at the list does that make you smile? You think about boy, I love doing that. Yeah, I have a great time doing that. That’s amazing. I love spending time with this person or going to this coffee shop or I love going to the ballpark or I love going to the movies and eating the whole tub of popcorn to myself all these things. Don’t tell you a nutritionist that by the way, but you love all these things and you’re probably feeling really good about it. Hopefully you are you’re smiling like these are great things. next to each of those items, I want you to write down the last time you did those or experienced those things. The reason why it says ouch is when I do this presentation in front of groups or on stage. I hear moans and groans. You know why? Because people realize that the things that they enjoy in life, they’re not doing them right now. They’re stopped doing them. And I asked them why. And you know what the common answer is? I don’t have time. Yes, you do. Yes, you do. You’re not scheduling them, you’re not making them a priority. What you need to do with this list now, it’s looking at on your calendar, whether it’s a paper calendar or use a digital one, either way, and start scheduling two or three things that you’re going to do that’s on this list in the next 10 days. and treat them as if they’re the most important meeting you have ever had with your boss. Because it is the boss of your life issue. You need to do these things. You need to have these as part of your routine. All work and no play. We’ve heard that phrase makes jack a dull boy. It also burns jack out and could kill him. You don’t want that to happen to you start doing things you enjoy. And as I said before, a lot of the things that are on this list, I haven’t seen them. I know people send them to me from time to time. A lot of the things on the list can be done in 20 minutes, and don’t cost anything. No money at all. So why aren’t you doing them? Because you don’t have time? a wrong answer, because you’re not making time for them. If you want a template that you can use for this exercise, you can go to breakfast leadership comm slash bucket, just enter some information and I’ll email you this template. A couple other things as well, that I find beneficial and helpful to navigate through the stressful life and eliminate burnout from your life. The key takeaways from this course. You need to have boundaries, conversations with your employer and your family. Once you figure out those areas that you need to have boundaries in or better boundaries and have open conversations with them. And sometimes it’s difficult, especially if those people are violating those boundaries. There’s an approach to do it, you have to do it the right way. So you don’t hurt feelings, you may still hurt feelings. But the whole key is to demonstrate implementing these boundaries so I can be a better person. So when I’m a better person, I can be better to you into this organization. For those of us that work remotely or work from home, or even in the office, you need to have an alarm to signal the end of your workday. Just like Fred Flintstone, the horn siren, he slid down the dinosaur tail, jumped in his car drove home, you need to have an end to your workday, with technology and laptops and cell phones. A lot of people don’t have boundaries around the end of their work day, you need to do it, you need to have a hard stop. So you can do those things on the bucket list so you can rest relax, recoup, and enjoy other aspects of your life. Don’t just be all work. Track your interruptions throughout the day. You will not realize how many interruptions you get in a normal day until you start tracking them. And interrupt interruptions include emails, people stopping by your desk, text messages, notifications on your phone. It’s amazing how many times we picked up our cell phones on a daily basis to look at a message. We all get triggered by that little red dot indicating There’s activity on that app. So we need to open it to see what it is. So one exercise I have people do is go onto your phone and turn off all of your cell phone notifications except your phone, text messaging. And if you use a particular app in your work, whether it’s slack or Trello, or any other app that happens to that is work specific where you if you don’t check it, you’re going to get in big trouble. Okay, leave the notifications on for that. But everything else turn off, turn off Instagram, turn off Facebook, turn off Twitter, turn off tik tok, turn off Snapchat, turn those notifications off. And then if you want to schedule time on your calendar, when you’re going to check those apps, because you don’t need to look at them. 24 seven, because unless you’re getting paid by those apps to do something, you’re trading your time for wasteful matters. And you don’t want to do that. So turn off those cell notifications. It’ll make a bigger impact. packed in your life than you think. If you need more info for me go to breakfast leadership, calm, I’ve got a blog, I’ve got a podcast show, I create content, all kinds of different things. And I trust that you found this session helpful. I hope that you are successful in eliminating your burnout. happy to chat with you. There’s an ability to send a message from the homepage at breakfast leadership calm. So send me a message how you found the course and I’ll be more than happy to help you out in any way again. Until next time, everybody, be well.