Strategies to Prevent Nerves

So let’s talk about some strategies that you can engage and be dynamic. And these strategies will help you not only ever can overcome that fear but also be able to give a an engaging and powerful presentation that people will enjoy listening to or they will get something out of it. That is meets whatever your purpose or objective is of your presentation. So let’s talk about some solutions in doing that. One of the things you can do is to emphasize audience benefits. So, if you’re worried about being boring, it probably won’t be boring if your audience feels or believes that they are benefiting somehow from whatever your message is, so as you are preparing your speech and when you’re giving your speech keep this in mind. How can the audience benefit from what I have to tell them? Okay, target your presentation to your audience. It’s really not about you, it’s mostly about them. You may be thinking, how am I going to that this is going to affect me in my career. Perhaps it could give me a promotion, it might open up more opportunities. And of course, it can do all those things. But the audience is not there for you. They’re not there because they unless it’s, I guess, a loved one or someone supporting you, which could happen, but most usually, they’re there because they want to get something out of it. So your speech should be targeted to that to your audience, let them know and it should be clear how they can benefit from it and it might just be that they are a service that you’re asking them to do of some sort that can help others. Maybe it’s for a nonprofit, and you want them to volunteer their time or their labor, whatever it is. So that benefit is really just that self satisfaction of being able to help others. But it could be other reasons as well. Maybe you are trying to promote a product that you sell or represent. And so you want your audience to learn about that and ideally, purchase it or whatever your goal is, and so it should be clear to them how they can benefit from it, whatever that product or services. So these are just a few ideas, but do keep this in mind. Another thing you can do is to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm about your topic. If I would ask yourself this, even before you give a presentation, is the topic that you’re going to talk about something that you believe in is something That you feel passionate about. Okay, it should be yes. And the next question is Will your audience be able to get any kind of value out of that those two things should be yes. That will help you then to convey that energy that goes into whatever you have to say if you believe it yourself and you believe your audience can get some value out of it, then it will make it a lot easier for your for your your message and conveying your message. Most likely your audience will be happy and appreciate the the presentation because you know that you have something that they can benefit from. Now, it’s important if you can to demonstrate that so some ideas are two ways to do that is to smile when you’re giving a presentation. Look your audience in the eye. Speak clearly speak loudly. Make sure Your audience can hear you get some little bit of movement in your presentation, which creates that energy. And just don’t be afraid to show that enthusiasm and that passion because that can be infectious people was if you they can mirror how you are feeling. So if you are excited and you’re smiling, most likely you’ll look at your audience and you’ll see that they are smiling back at you. Okay? It’s just human nature if someone is crying and clearly upset for example, usually the person that is with that person is not laughing at them and, and making fun of them or smiling or they’re they’re probably more compassionate and trying to help that person. So the point is that if you are happy and excited about your presentation, your audience likely will be as well. And you can also then for that you can come across more credit And believable. Okay, so the last recommended strategy to be engaging is honestly just be yourself. Be genuine, don’t feel like you have to be anyone else. But you, you will feel more comfortable and more moral and will more easily connect with the audience if you are just yourself, really your own voice. Of course no one else has your voice, your tone, your experience, no one else is you and so only you can deliver the most authentic speech it really is genuine and that authenticity will more likely highlight and showcase your experience and your feeling and belief of your message and will be likely more positively received your audience will likely be a lot more engaged because they will feel like you are talking directly to them as if it was a one on one conversation. And if you come across as comfortable, they will feel a lot more comfortable as well and want to likely learn and hear more from you. So just be yourself.