9. Stimulation and Negative Ideas

Hi, I’m Johnny john. So in the previous video I talked about the fact that stimulation has on the mind. Today I want to talk about this even more, and also in particular the relationship between negative ideas and stimulation. So let us begin. So let us begin by understanding the state of stillness. The state of stillness can be said to be a state when we’re simply observing the present moment when we MPC in harmony with ourselves in the outside world, when the mind is in a state of non stimulation, and such a state is a state of happiness. Now, when we are in a state of stimulation, we can fall into an illusion that we’re in a higher level of happiness. But in fact, we’re simply in the an excited state of mind. Now We waste a meal. When we search for stimulation, what happens is that we can, we can end up creating more desires for stimulation. And when we become attached to the things which were stimulated about, can only take us down on the road of suffering. Because when we do not have the things in which we desire, and which stimulates us, then we will be in the state of happiness. So, pursuing happiness through stimulation, that’s a double edged sword, temporary happiness, leading us to the destination of suffering. also understand that when you create thoughts which stimulate the mind will create a void inside, it will create the desire to feel, feel that void with some sort of stimulus And that doesn’t have to be the object in which you have stimulated your mind about. So whether you stimulate your mind with the thoughts of sex, drugs, friends, going out with friends, going to holidays making big money will create a desire for some sort of stimulation. So, that is why when your mind is stimulated, it will be hard to simply be steel and do nothing. And when this happens, the mind has become master over you, and you have become the slave because the mind will drive you to fulfill its orders to fulfill its desires with stimulation. And this will never be truly fulfilled because and search for stimulation will only create more desire for stimulation. When we have little mastery over the mind, it will then very be very difficult to address any habit Since our attachment to the objects in which we have become attached to, which we have been constantly stimulating our minds about and this will only lead us down the road of suffering. Now, let us come to the section which I want to talk about the most which is the relationship between negative ideas and stimulation. Now, what stimulates the mind the most negative ideas, negative ideas are the ideas which create self rejection. For instance, ideas beginning with it is not okay. For instance it is not okay to be poor and from negative ideas, when we become attached to negative ideas will create that aversion and side it will create the desire to crave to hate Realize that aversion and cravings are what stimulates the mind the most, because we tend to like to dwell on these extreme desires. For instance, about a person we hate about an object we really want. How this negative ideas create aversions and cravings. We’ll talk about this more in a later videos. But basically, when you become attached to like a negative idea, it’s not okay to be poor. It will make you crave. It will make you desire to be rich. It will make you hate being poor craving and aversion. So to truly address the issues of stimulation, we have to address the negative ideas and that truly, as you address the negative ideas, any issues to do with me will naturally be resolved. So in summary, these are a strong relationship between negative ideas and stimulation. address the negative ideas, any issues to the west stimulation will naturally be resolved.