7. Stillness and It is Ok

Hi, I’m Johnny john. So developing stillness is a very important part on the journey of self transformation. Because through stillness, you can discover how the mind works. As it’s from stillness, that chaos is known. And through deeper stillness, the cause of that chaos will be knowing. And in relation to the mind, chaos is suffering states of the mind. And the cause for oil sufferings will always come back to the negative ideas we have about ourselves, about other people, about the world. So through deeper stillness, we can then discover the cause of our suffering states of the mind, the negative ideas so that we can address it at the deepest level. Now meditation is a great tool for us to develop the state of stillness. In life, you can actually develop stillness by just doing lists through the throughout the day, or just taking it easy, but it’s through meditation that you can really develop stillness, because it’s by meditating by closing our eyes, that we can close our senses to the outer world, that is when the inner world the experience of the inner world becomes intensified, that is, when self awareness becomes intensified. That is how you greatly develop stillness. And through meditation, you will be able to experience all different types of states of mind. You will start to experience the wandering thoughts, the suppressed emotions You will start to experience pleasant emotions, negative emotions bubbling out from within. And these experiences are valuable because it allows you to observe all sorts of different state of mind. And how these states of mind can affect our happiness. And also it’s through meditation, that you can develop the ability to be self aware at all times throughout the day, to become aware of what is happening inside as you go through the altay experiences in life. And this will help you to greatly accelerate your journey of developing self knowing. Okay, now let us talk about stillness and negative ideas. So in life when you go through a suffering state Parents, that means they’re their negative ideas at play. And in terms of self transformation, it’s best if you can come out of their suffering experience as quickly as possible. This means to face your suffering experiences with stillness. And this means that whenever you experience negative reaction, pull yourself back to the state of stillness. For instance, if someone said something to make you angry, instead of dwelling on the negativity, pull yourself back as quickly as possible into the state of stillness. And this will do two things. One, it will stop the feeding of negative energy to the negative ideas and this a negative reactions in which we are always generating that sustains the negative ideas. And what this will do is that next time when you experience the same negative idea, we’re similar negativity experience, you will naturally experience less negative reactions and like this your negative reactions will slowly dissipate. Now the practice of meditation will help you greatly because in life in practice, it is very hard to not give in to the negative reactions to not be overcome by them. It is easy to be persuaded by our mind to keep dwelling and then negative reactions. For instance, when we get angered when the fear arises in our mind, meditation will greatly help you because as you sit there every day, you will experience all states of mind negativity, place in this berming coming forth, and every moment and as you practice each time to pull yourself back into the center of stillness. You will train the mental muscles, the mental memory To do so in real life, so it’s a good idea to remember the state of stillness. And to link that declaration. It is okay to the state of stillness so that when you go throughout your daily life, when you encounter a chaotic situation, you can tell yourself it is okay. And then pull yourself back. Remember the state of stillness. Developing the knowing of stillness will also help you to understand clearer the process of transforming the negative ideas. Because when you encounter a negative idea, for instance, it is not okay to fail. Maybe you failed in a job interview and you feel really negative about it. As you try to pull yourself back into the state of stillness. You’re essentially trying to pull the negative idea. It is not okay to fail, too. It is okay to fail. So you’re trying to transform the negative idea at the reactional level. So, pulling yourself back into the state of stillness can be seen to be the process of transforming the negative ideas. But of course, it is important to develop the knowing of the self, to know why the negative ideas with their why we have become attached to the negative ideas in the first place. By developing the knowing thing will help to greatly accelerate that transformation of the negative ideas. And of course, developing stillness can help you to achieve that. Because stillness, from stillness will come self awareness and self knowing. And this will help you to naturally know the way to accelerate the process of transforming the negative ideas So, in conclusion, developing stillness is very important on the path of self transformation. Not only it helps you to develop self awareness and self knowing, but also helps you to accelerate the process of self transformation.