State Interrupt

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Now when we go into a mental or emotional state that doesn’t serve us well, we need to break state or interrupt a pattern. Now, whether you realize it or not what constantly breaking state every day because our mind and body doesn’t say the same, you see, we naturally shift our pattern in developing awareness enables us to take charge of altering our states and those of others. Now state of consciousness just to give you guys a more concrete definition of it, essentially just a mind body seat down involves the internal representational systems, which includes visual audio and kinesthetic beliefs of vyos decisions, as well as our physiology. And whenever we alter any of these components, we also can we can alter or we can interrupt the state that we’re currently in. So the first thing you want to do when it comes to doing a state interrupt is you want to identify the current state that you are the person is in, you want to figure out what kind of status press has access, what state of mind have they entered into what state what’s the state of body or city state of emotion, you want to be clear on that before you do any changes whatsoever. In next you want to alter some significant fact of the state that they’re in. So you want to change any of the driving some modalities in the VA case, so modalities, you can change it from color to black and white. You can imagine the voices like Big Bird, if it’s something auditory, or kinesthetic, if it’s hot, you can imagine it that is very cold. Whatever it is, whatever the drive is some modality it is Desa thing that you want to change, that will make the most noticeable difference. And next, you want to interrupt the state. Now just to be clear, interrupting can be just about anything doing anything new, weird or abrupt will interrupt the state. Now you know you have a good interrupt, because you want it to draw the consciousness so that way, it can continue with its current internal representations or physiology. Now you wouldn’t have a couple of days you don’t want to necessarily just rely on one and having access to several good pattern interrupts. It enables us to stop certain states from becoming too powerful or too overwhelming. So that’s all I have for you today when it comes to doing the state interrupt. In the next video, we’re going to be talking about anchoring