4. Spelling Mistakes Keywords

Hey, welcome to my computer lesson number three. Now I’m going to identify keywords that are spelling mistakes with the human 10 misspell nature. And also we’re going to be using helium 10 magnet for the aid of it. Now what’s the idea here the idea is to get keywords that are spelling mistakes that have keyword juice that have some searches, and then put them inside the listing in order to get sales from these misspellings. And these are usually easy sales because it’s easier to rank for these keywords. And sometimes people just type in some word for example house but they skip the old so the type deals for example, which is the eyes near the O in the keyboard, and in this one we can get extra sales which is really nice technique. Let me show you how it’s done. First, I’m gonna have to sign in to him. Then remember, there’s a free account you can create it by link description down below. There also coupons there. Now we go to helium 10, spell inator and also Voltron. I need the helium 10 magnet in order to identify later on the searches. So what do we have no Mr. Nature on the left, we’re gonna have the original keywords and they’re going to prepare them and find misspellings in these keywords. So for this, we’ll have to go to Excel and in the Excel we have to identify the keywords that might have spelling mistakes, how I usually do that, for example, I have all my keywords ready, you can simply input all of them if you want to check it deeply. So for example your product is in our case, it’s a kitchen knife. So we’re gonna input kitchen knives, steak chef, everything that builds your listing all these keywords are going to be here on the left and then we’re going to see what spelling mistakes they have. Let me show you an example. So we go back to our Excel sheet and we have a few here now I have prepared the let’s just say kitchen knives as an example, apartment essentials and ceramic knife so let’s just use these three so we have knife far, man send shields and knives that was right, something like this, let’s say CEF and was that was mentioning state. We have these seven keywords and let’s now prepare them and find misspellings in the skewers but I’m spelling it does it automatically can do that. Well I’m not sure if there’s any other tool that does that actually, this one makes it really easy but let me show you how it works. We have the word ceramic here for example and then we have the misspellings that usually a cure this is the popularity that it cures from I’m not exactly sure yeah that’s what from 100 searches so helium 10 estimates that from 100 people that type in ceramic one or three is gonna type in sir Mike probably missing a word here and there a lottery but then there’s the Amazon autocorrect that means does Amazon out to correct this keyword so for example when a person does a mistake in CRM and Amazon identifies that for example, sir make is happening that many times and without the corrected that means there’s not much to say, logic behind putting this keyword inside our listing is a spelling mistake because it’s gonna fix it anyway Our goal is to find these that are not getting automatically fixed by Amazon and then put them into a listing in order to get more keyword juice. By the way if you’re liking this video up till now you can drop a like it’s going to help rank it a bit and feel free to subscribe for the next videos hit the notification bell so you can get notified for other videos in this frequent And to enjoy them so we see that Quranic is not actually something that has a no here we need to fight yours that have a no in the Amazon alto correct let’s continue with the knife and boom here we have the first one knife knife does not get out of credit but Amazon Now sometimes it actually might still get corrected you get to check it on the field I will show you soon What does the apartment also does not have anything special and there’s the ones that are not getting that many. They’re not popular spelling mistakes, it doesn’t check them so you can skip these because usually they won’t have much your juice anyway but here in the essential circuit the is the knives chef and steak you see steak has stuck knife says the knives are nice, but I like the essential seat and why? Because it has that many the ones the ones that are not getting fixed by Amazon. So for example we have the word ascent tails, ascent tails. Now what do we do we copy this right we copy it and we want to identify in the magnet and see if this spelling mistake has any search volume. So we can maybe instance As an outsider listing on the back end to get more keyword use from there, so we go to magnet. And remember, magnets will look for keywords and we type in the incentives we type in the sperm state, and we do a new search. Now we have discovered 962. keywords that are connected to the word isn’t tails, which is essentially essentially so what do we do next, we will do the next thing we click on advanced filters here, and we can click on show phrases that contain and we input the same keyword here essentials, we click on Apply. And now it’s going to show us only the ones that actually have the essence tails inside them. And we click on search volume and we can identify the biggest ones so we have house assent tails. Now technically for our kitchen knife it is it might be a keyword that is relevant, right but of course, as I’ve explained you in the previous videos, you will be really relevant in the beginning so not going to sit around the niche. So for a kitchen knife, it might be a house essential, right it might be a gift for that as well. But in the beginning I do recommend you only going for awards that are related. To the knife itself a kitchen knife steak knife chip knife, but these can be complimented for sure. And this is a spelling mistake you will do of course for your products right I’m not sure what exactly you’re selling, but I’m pretty sure you will identify some fewer so what you do next because as I mentioned, or sometimes the ones that are spelling mistakes and are not getting corrected by Amazon are still gonna be out corrected even though helium 10 claims them not to be so what I do is I just check it, I go here and click on show on Amazon and on the left here I’m going to see if it does change or not. So for this one house s&t, sales did not change sometimes the for example, being house essentials here is actually going to change to house essentials here and this will you’ll see that it’s not working but here does work. So we have a keyword that is not huge. Yes, it’s relatively small, which is 900 or 259 searches per month, but it’s it’s a spelling mistake and we have some some garage handle. Yes, it’s some specific sort of product but as you can see, there are some essential skills that are essential for the house. For example, We have some kitchen utensils here. We don’t have any knives here so maybe for a kitchen knife it wouldn’t be the super view relative keyword but you got to find ones that are relative for your niche. And you do that by checking your keywords in your in your Excel table right from the Excel table that we would create previously then you input them into misspell nature and take them to the field on Amazon and or magnet. Let me go back and show you something else. For example, we have the word knives, right so we have the word knives and it says that it doesn’t fix it automatically. So for example, we’ll go to magnetic yen or type in knives, right and let’s get keywords. So I’ll show you that it does not necessarily work all the time like this because that’s why you got to go to the field and check it. So we click on search volume again we have the knives and we have the advanced filters knives here and we have for example knives kitchen and agility we have some search volume right or knives, hunting bucket of knives, cacau knives knives for kitchen and I click here on Channel And look, you see it does fix it automatically so from knives kitchen, it did fix them automatically to knives kitchen. So well it’s not the best idea for us now for example, we would take the ones what was that the essentials right they sent tails, we’re going to go to our Excel and we’re going to create a new one here and I’m going to call it foul mistakes spelling mistakes or misspelling. Spelling says Jewish mistakes and here we can simply create the you know, we can simply copy paste them so we have the SM tails, and for you it’s going to be what houses entails, that was right. So let’s do house as entails and you’re going to find all the relevant misspellings, you’re going to place them here you can add some search volume here as you wish and then once we’re going to be building the listing will get will now have the magnet keywords we have the Cerebro phrases and now we’re also going to have the spelling mistakes and in the next lesson that actually you’re going to see up here in the in this screen once it’s ready, we’re going to identify the Spanish keywords which are going to be Also keywords that we can use as juice for our well for listing and yeah, I’m going to see you in the next lesson here.