5. Spanish Keywords

Hey, welcome to lesson number four. Welcome my computer. Welcome to helium 10. And in this lesson, we’re going to identify the Spanish keywords that are relevant to our product. Now why would we do that? Well, because in the amazon.com, many people search for stuff in Spanish. There are many Spanish speakers throughout the United States, in general, people who search on Amazon might be Spanish speakers, and there are pre many searches in Spanish. So we get identified which keywords are searched in Spanish that are relevant to us, and therefore we can rank for them as well. So let me show you how it’s done. First, we’re going to have to go to our Excel and we’re going to a Cerebro phrases that we’ve collected and we have all of these phrases that the relevant phrases, we’re going to copy all of these and we’re going to go to Google Translate, and we’re going to put them here in the English to Spanish so we have chiloe, cielo, the CEF, the cosina cassina. Right. We have all these keywords in Spanish the what we’re going to do once we’ve once we’ve translated We’re going to copy all of them and we’re going to put them into magnet in helium 10. Remember you have all the helium 10 links in description creating accounts and all the coupons the good stuff. So we’re going to go to magnet and then we enter all the keywords here. Now how do you click here in order for it to make it in lines so we’re going to have all these keywords now as as search results here in magnet if you’ve missed the magnet lesson somehow then it’s the lesson number one of this course and you’re going to find it throughout the playlist. So the playlist and all the stuff is linked in scription This is a free tool intent testing optimization course that you’re in right now. So from all the keywords that we found, only four had actual searches on Amazon and one is extremely lucrative. It has 3000 search volume on Amazon which is pretty nice. It makes it a to sell low volume will meet volume keyword and it’s she was good she was there. kusina What do we do next is we click on export, copy them to clipboard and then we want to go to our Excel file. And we’re going to make an EU sheet here we’re going to call it Spanish key words. And let’s type in again phrase and we have all the phrases here. So these are the relevant phrases, the ones that we found that actually will have the right volumes, the ones that are actually being searched on Amazon, we’ve identified them and we’re gonna lay there on use them probably in their back ends, which shouldn’t mean the next lessons and for now, you can go and watch the next lesson number five in this window up here, so see you next lesson.