Slow and Steady Will Win the Race

Hey guys, and I wanted to create another video to share a writing tip that can help you in your book writing process. And that is slow and steady wins the race. Now, many times when I talk to new authors, they’re very excited, so excited energetic to writing their book. And they just want to get started in writing so much and taking on more and more and more. But the danger of that is, you might at times take on more than you can chew or bite more than you can chew. And it starts affecting your momentum in your writing. Now, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t have enthusiasm, because you know, that’s what’s going to help you. But I want you to think more of the long term that this is going to be a journey that writing is more of a, it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. And sometimes you want to take steady progress. So, you know, sometimes I hear like, I’m going to write three chapters this week. It’s like, Well, I mean, can you write two chapters is that going to be too much, maybe one chapter is good. Now, even though you might write three chapters, if you can do it great. But that’s a lot of pressure on you, especially as you’re starting out. So maybe just write the one chapter and make sure it’s the best that you can do it for that week. Because a lot of the times is you think you can do a lot. But then life gets in the way, you know, you have other responsibilities. And then maybe you might not get a lot of things done. Or in fact, maybe you might get one chapter done. And that by itself is an accomplishment. But because you have three chapters that you want to focus on on that week, it’s like you’re disappointed, but I want you to focus on the long term. And just building things slowly, by slowly, slowly. So if you cannot write maybe even a chapter that week, how about you just write two pages, maybe one page, if that’s too much, maybe just write a few paragraphs, or even one paragraph. And even if that’s difficult, maybe just write a sentence for the day. I mean, whatever it is, just start from where you’re at. And obviously, I’m going to ask everybody to actually, you know, at least write a few paragraphs, but you know, you know where you’re at. So again, this is this is a marathon. It’s not a race when it comes to book writing. So you want to make sure that you have enough momentum to get you all the way to