You can gain gravitas by taking a sophisticated argument or complex explanation and simplifying it, making it clear and easy for other people to understand. When people believe that you can help them to understand things, firstly, they feel smart. They like you for that. But secondly, knowing how complex the topic is, they know that you must understand it fully. One of the best ways that people with enormous gravity is fine for making the complex seems simple, and the fist and the sophisticated. Sound straightforward is to use metaphors and analogies to explain the complex In terms of other simpler things, these kinds of metaphors and analogies, leave us feeling that we understand something because you are able to put the complex things into terms that we recognize and are familiar with. When you’re able to do that, people will sense that you are familiar, not just with an easy topic, but intimately familiar with a complex topic. You have some insight into the relationship between things. That leaves them feeling that they have shared some of your insight