Shaping Your Body

So let’s continue talking about shaping your body. So we talked about doing your cardio exercises and that is very, very important and get your your metabolically your body in shape and then also your hearts and lungs and your blood vessels. Now what happened that we got to get started with your muscles as well. So let’s turn your body so you can choose your own bodyweight breathe and move which is doing yoga and small weights in higher repetition. For example, no more than one to two kilos 20 times repeating each exercise in two sets of or no muscle building is also a much heavier type of exercise. If you want to get into it first. You got to get started with that 20 reps when your muscular endurance and only then you should be going further. Then, for example, lifting as heavy ways that you can lift it 12 To 15 times two to three sets. Now if you are exercising at home, what is the dis advantage of exercising at home, it takes more determination is most people give it up after 90 days. The advantage that you save money and you save time but normally in your head exercising at home means that you’re going to get out of your mindset that home means the rest. So that means that you get to dissociate yourself your home be the rest. That means you got to allow yourself and motivate and inspire yourself that you’re going to exercise at home. So what works at home, one cardio machine, a chair dumbbells or water bottles, a football rubber bands, breathe and move doing some yoga and update every one of your programs every six weeks. Why? Because exercising at home needs you so very important. And that you understand that you gotta keep your motivation up. Now, working out at home how to start this, go for a walk and work on your muscles very easy. So I’m going to show you some exercises here. This is for example, the chair squat. Very easy to get started with you inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up, and you make sure that you sit back with your media box first your body weight is shifted on your heel to make sure that your need remains above your toe and your body is three abs in tight, lower Bacchus Hall then your scapula holds back together so your back history, so you are completely working your legs on the way up when you are extending your knees, you squeezing your thigh muscles and your buttocks muscles together. So the neck is next is to work your legs a little bit and by the way, working these exercises, the squats and these cat heel raises will help you to walk and jog a little bit better because you Going to have stronger muscles. So here it is here is this when you ask very simply just raising yourself up on your toes, and you can do it on both legs as well to start with, if you feel that this is too hard to do it on one leg, you are exhaling on the way up as you are raising your heel up and inhaling when you put it back on the floor. Now you can progress into doing squats if you like. Either way, if you don’t need the chair, then you do squats without that. So this is important that either way you have some sorts of a leg exercise in your home routine of your strength training. Or you can choose lunges, but if you have any foot problems, Bunyan’s and stuff, this is not for you because it’s an extreme stress on your foot. So make sure that you look at that and you just stay with your squats. Other than that, you make sure that your abs in tight and you lower your hip straight down, very stripped down and inhale On the way up, down and exhaling on the way up. So make sure that you’re working your quadriceps muscles. So as your hip flexor and your buttocks excellent for your balance as well. If you need to hold them to the wall, you can do so as well. The next exercise for your home strengthening your arms and your trunk and doing push ups on your elbows and make sure that your elbows remain at your side. So you are inhaling on the way down and you exhaling on the way up so you kind of breathing into your arm muscles, helping the exertion. Make sure that your lower back is straight and your abs is tight hold because this is also a course strength exercise as well. But it’s simple to working on your upper back and your posture. And here I’m showing you being on your knees if you need to put any pillows underneath your knees your cushion, please do so. And you keep your arms at your side here and you are resting your chest on your on your thigh here. So you are inhaling down here and as you exhale, lift up the water bottles. Why pinching your shoulder blades together. Now this is very important that you start the lift with your shoulder blades. Why? Because this is what is going to retrain your posture to stay beautiful and upright so you don’t have any back aches. The next is working on your abs lying down on your back, make sure that your lower back is flat. And as you are inhaling on the floor while you are exhaling or curling up squeezing your muscles lifting up your upper body only as much that the edge of your scapula comes off from the floor. You don’t need to sit all the way up. This is perfectly just enough and you can have tower behind your neck or you can have your arms across the chest whichever shape and form you want to get started is great. Now this is working your straight ABS working your side, your waistline, this is your obliques muscle is bringing your shoulder to the opposite hip squeezing here. your waistline muscles so you are inhaling while you are on the floor and exhaling when you are coming up and inhaling on the way back as you are returning. Now maybe you are ready for more and you are ready to invest into our gym. This will be more of a long term commitment and makes you to go there so this is a reason to get to the gym. That is a reason there is a place to go there is a time are located for that so it helps to switch your mindset from the home homey feeling and resting feeling that you go somewhere and while you are there you are switching your you Mind in one exercising a complete active mode.