Should I Focus on the Book Title and Cover?

Hi, guys. So one of the biggest mistakes people make starting out is that they want to focus on the title, the title, subtitle and the book cover before you know why they’re doing the writing, and that is the biggest mistake that many people make this because they get stuck in it, you know, finding that title, subtitle, or having a good book cover, you can do that or towards the end. But right now, you have to get right in. Because if you have nothing in your writing, then there’s there’s nothing for you to even focus on when it comes to the cover or anything else. Okay. Now, I’m not saying that a book title, or book cover is not important it is. But it’s not important right now. So the best is just have a placeholder of a title or a cover. In fact, don’t even worry about the cover just a title, you can just have a placeholder, and then start getting to write the most important is for you to start writing. And actually, you tip, a lot of times, you know what you think you were going to write about on what the title is, by the time you’re done with the book, it’s usually going to be very different. I don’t know why that happens. But it’s like in our mind, we have a vision of what we think the book is. But when we start writing and just sharing, you know, our feelings and just our stories, it is it morphs into something different. So that’s also another reason why I don’t want you to focus on your, you know, the title of the covers, you want to make sure you do that at the end when you have the final product. So that is one of the biggest mistake people get stuck on. And just a quick bonus I can give you on the research. Now I know you want to research and research and find what’s been written out, then, you know, get all the details, that’s fine. But what happens is that you end up getting stuck. And it actually discourages you because you might see somebody has already written about this topic, or has a following or has a better way of doing it. I don’t want you to get discouraged. I want you to know that you have enough to get started in you have your unique perspective for you to share to the world that will be different that is going to come from you and your experience and your story. So when it comes to research, right now, unless you’re doing an academic book, maybe, but right now, you don’t need any research, your story is going to be your credibility. That’s why people are going to choose you because you’ve done thousands and thousands of research. Right now this is your first book, you want to get your book out there as fast as possible. That is your goal. So again, that’s my bonus tip. Hope you guys found this video useful and I’ll see you in the next lesson.