Self Values in Detail

Welcome to my chapter on the last step that we have discussed, more parenting from our friends from our relationship, and almost all the things that we had seen in this chapter will be clearly learning how a small change in self values can make us go towards a journey filled with happiness and joy and far away from fear. Before we go into into details, let me just start with my own personal story. during my childhood days, I was constantly witnessing a great deal of conflicts and fights between my parents. Both my mother and father had an enormous amount of ego and there will be fights in My home every single day, I would be renting or be afraid. The time when my father comes to my home, I know that there will be a great kind of conflict that is going to happen. I as a small child, happened to witness everything consciously. And these were the incidents that shaped my life. I was on a constantly on a path for fear. I was continuously depressed and I had a feeling of great abandonment in my life. And after some point of time, I thought that when I go into adulthood, these kind of feelings, which was insane, we’ll change but unlikely so it never change. Whenever a new task or activity was given to me by someone, whether it be in school or in college or in my workplace or anywhere else. The first feeling was was high level of fear on my part, what would happen if we do not complete it? What would happen if I do it badly what will happen if some kind of mistakes I do what will happen if somebody were to criticize me until the last point was I just wanted to run away from this pain of any responsibility that was put on my head. This character and attitude started, for me a great deal of roots in my habits, habit habits. I started going into all our bad habits, then I was very poor. Studies, half of the days to come away from depression. I used to be playing games and watching movies continuously. I had made up my mind that I am responsible for putting my life in pressure due to all sorts of depression that have been facing in my life, my life has been a terrible and very worst kind of childhood. Then I slowly started to read books more about personality development or how I can change my life for the better part of it. To be truthful, I have read me countless books about personality development, but all those books had given me only just a little bit of temporary relief from these kind of depressions. But the real reality of what was inside me this depression, this feeling of abandonment, still persist. Then I had to understand a great deal of wisdom from real life. In life. There were actually two types of people. The first type of people was somebody who look humbly would be looking at like mentors or a great person who they can be millionaires or somebody else, whom you look at. Oh, my God, I want to live nicely. These things the second time, you’d think that Oh, My god, I never want these kind of people in my life. I hate to see these kind of people in my life. These are the two types of people that you can see. If you are really gifted person, I would say that the category of number two, I don’t want to be like them will teach you a great deal of wisdom. I had learned a numerous amount of lessons from my family first, the understanding of anger, how can anger ruin a person’s life second, emotionally, taking decisions or being very accuracy, this I thought within license that I should no longer follow this path. And third, there was like at the height of ego, ego, something that can ruin a person’s life entirely. Well, when I started understanding all those things, what are the characteristics that I got from my childhood I slowly wanted to change each and every habit of my own. Started calming myself down. I wanted to put myself in big problems consciously and finding solutions for all those things. What are all the bad habits that I had accompany myself unconsciously during childhood status? Moving up slowly, the more I put myself in a conscious party was changing it. My life slowly started to change step by step. I know all this viewers who would be watching this video can associate yourself to what I’m speaking speaking about. Are you really the person still feeling that? This is my faith that I should live up like this. I am born to be depressed or I am no longer self confident or I do not have any self esteem to face this kind of issue are you always feeling let down for everything, then my dear universe, I’m tell you that this would be the correct time to change. I don’t all those thoughts and values which are really putting you down for example, I feel that I’m an average student I feel that I am a mediocre student. I feel that I’m always under privileged, attack all the situations one by one see if there are see if it is really due. If you really feel that I am in a mediocre student or below average student, I want you to support the statement by proper facts. I want you to write down Why do you really think that you are a below average? The more you start writing all those things about your own self and use your mind will bring up our answers that you are not really below average or below confidence. It is only your thoughts, making you prove that you are below average. So it is very easy to actually change your self values when you really give enough time to yourself this tell that a pen is mightier than the sword, I tell that pen and paper can really change your life. Now coming about another important aspect you’d ask me whether really, am I gaining my parents or not? Absolutely no, my parents have been a great mentors for me and like I already discussed, they would in turn have their self values and self on concepts that they have developed when they emerging from their parents. When you can see them and look at all their problems. As a third person point of view, there will be no need to forgive or forget any. They simply live their life of their own and you are in there. grammar of this is the most important thing that I want you want yourself to understand it. So, sincerely ask whether your self values are correct or not. If they are really not correct, then consciously out of your search values, it can be a fear, it can be a depression, it can be of any innumerable negative thoughts. But without you taking action on every thought, your life is really going to be miserable. I hope so you would have understood what self concepts and values indicate and do an excess what I’m going to show you it’s a quite difficult exercise right on a piece of paper like after a year. I you I am going to die if I have Today in one year, how would I want to live my life? Let it be? I think you this question is a difficult question and it would take at least three to four pages of your hardest course but write it down. Do you want to live a life fully filled with fear for this one year of life? We want to be completely depressed and feeling let down by your anxiety and your continuous attacks for one year. Do you really want to substitute loud in place of fear in your life? Just start writing down those answers. Honestly do this exercise for years and then you will understand that all things are in your way, you should understand that the greatest enemy is between your two years. Thanks for watching this video. I really meet you in the next video. Bye