Self Values Chapter One

Welcome to my another chapter on self concepts and self values. Every single person will have their own self concepts and self values that you can go to in any degree or any extent to establish that the self values are correct, it may be it can become a small argument in establishing his self values or this argument can even lead into a fight to establish his own self concepts and set values, such as the importance of self value that a person possesses. This self value is caused by even the even the lowest level of a poor person that can exist in the system to the highest level of the richest person who makes millions and millions they will all have their self values and they are self concept and it is from the self values and the self concept that a person’s attitude or the behavior of this character is shape. Now, let me just go into detail like to give you two examples for how self values or self concept is created for a person. First, let us take an example of a child. This child is born in an atmosphere or bought in a home where there were very supportive parents, both the child’s parents that is the mom and the dad were teaching the child of compassion, how to give out to others, the art of joy and how to be happy, and how to help others when in times of distress. The child being brought up in this kind of situation when faced with any kind of problem past childhood approaches, parents, because he or she has learned his great love and compassion from his parents. So the parents in turn will listen to this children and give a solution to this particular problem that is a child has been facing, so the child gets a great deal of confidence from their parents or areas. ladies who remain supportive to the child. So if this child becomes an adult, and when this adult is raising a big deal of problem, maybe losing a job or as a kid when he gets a low marks in the school, this child when it shares to his parents or to any of his friends, who has been compassionate to his capacity to this day, will have a great deal of freedom to speak out his or her mind. So, even though the situations may turn out to be worse for the state, this type will develop a great amount of confidence in handling life’s responsibilities. This is so the self value that the state learns is of a positive self value. Let us go for another example. Let us take for another child. This child is growing in a place where they are highly unsupportive parents. These parents are out of their anger. start criticizing this child for anything and everything. Even if small mistakes and child phases, both the parents completely criticized the child. So, the child moves in such a way that it will not any mistake, it will not make any mistakes, the less of the mistakes the child makes, the less of the growth the child has. So, the child as a whole want to satisfy his or her parents, four does not make mistakes out of the fear of criticism. So, these parents who in turn have a bad relationship with each other, keep on if they keep on fighting with each other, this child witnesses this fight day in and day out. So, all these things are all the images are embedded within the state. So this thing has already developed a characteristic of fear in his life. So he is afraid to speak his mind. So he is afraid of hearing a big noise. All these kinds of fights get into in my brain is both his heart and as Mike so this kind of child when it is faced with a bad situation or a negative situation or a difficult situation. Price Not to share the situation with his friends or with his parents for the fear of being criticized and being ridiculed. This child tries to find a solution for the problem that he is living. If he is finding a solution, then it is well and good if he is not finding a solution, this child goes into seclusion that he is lonely. So this is what drives the small child with depression. This day when he does become an adult, all these characteristics will be exhibited for when confronted by a difficult situation. You might have heard many of the incidents like teenage children committing suicide after they have got more marks in the examination. Why does this teenage child committed suicide when you have got a very less marks in the examination, the child is just afraid that he doesn’t want to speak to his mother or father who values or who has a very high hopes for this time. So the failure of the child in satisfying this parents will create a great day amount of fear to the state. So, the self values what we have self values of both the state one and worker child two are completely different and these will be exhibited in every kind of situation that the child grows up. So, if this is if this video is being viewed by a parent, you kindly request them that if both exposes any kind of misunderstanding or messy relationship between them, never start to fight in front of this child. If you want to solve a conflict, it is better that you do it in isolation costs. Whatever you do your child learn completely from you. This is one of the most important aspects every mother or father has to understand for the well being of the state. A person who was a who wants to be rich or who has to be a greater level in as a carrier, or who wants some exorbitant of material deserves. These are the things is nobody can get it after the fact. greatest thing that a person can do after his death is what sort of principles Stephen has learned from him what sort of values he has taught the student. This is already being carried from him to Stiller, so in turn will help us to learn to lead a good life. This is the real legacy of every parent that they have to learn. It is not well or it is not some kind of money or name of thing. What do you transfer it to children is one of the most important thing I thank you for watching this video. In the next video I will speak about how to change your self values or your self contracts and move on to a life which is less fearful and more content. Thanks for watching this video. Bye