Schedule Your Life Outside Work

Now I’m on step three in the four day workweek, gameplan process, schedule your personal time, and then set aside time to work. Now, this is something that will depend on what your current work situation is, if you currently work for someone else, and someone else tells you what hours you need to work to get paid, well, then you’ll already know when you work. And so this idea of first scheduling your personal time, might not hold this true for you. But if you already know, hey, I work these hours, and we’re gonna look to Okay, when will we schedule these time to do these things? And on the other hand, if you do have control over when you work, there might be things that are at times that you might not normally want to do. You might say, you know, wait, for example, number three here playing basketball. I’d like to do that in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And maybe the people that are playing basketball are doing it at a time They would normally be during work hours. So maybe I shift my work hours. So the whole idea is with as much flexibility as you can to plan your personal life without yet worrying too much about your work hours. All that being said, again, some of you all might have direct impact on when you choose that you work and or you might or might not have direct impact on that. So I’d like to go to the beach on Sunday mornings, go dinner and dancing with my wife, Friday nights, play basketball on the mornings and Tuesday, Thursday. So again, just getting clear of what I’d like to do. If things could be the way I’d like doesn’t mean we’re going to get there yet, but this is our game plan to help us get there.