Scaffolding your First Website

Scaffolding your first web page. In this course I will be creating a webpage for the new SpongeBob SquarePants video game. We will first start with the HTML block. inside of there, we’re going to place a head that’s going to contain our stylesheet and icon. Then we’re going to close that out and below that have a body. Inside that body we’re going to have a header which will contain our cover art and our down arrow. Once we have completed that, we will move on to the main section. Inside the main section, we will have a div for product, a couple title tags, a paragraph, an image and another title block. And then in something called ordered lists inside there, we will list out all the different features The game. Below that we will have another title block called characters in the game. And this time we’ll just use a standard bullet point list. Below that we will include our slider and then after that we will close out our main block. Below that we will include our footer which will just have a paragraph block to have the copyright information inside. And then we will again close out the body block and then HTML block. And that’s it.