Registration of New Service Users

Next we have the registration of new service users. When a new service user comes into your organization, either through taking on a new service, or perhaps a new individual has come into the organization to be supported, then that person needs to be correctly registered and any safeguarding needs that they have need to be identified and progressed. Now some of these may be reported to you through the documents we’ve just covered. But it’s also appropriate to ask some questions on your service user registration form. And these questions may include the following, depending on the level of confidentiality that’s appropriate for your organization, and for the person, but questions include what school or nursery do they attend, that gives you a contact point if you have any concerns, who has parental responsibility for this person if he or she is a child and that’s perfectly Important if the parents are separated, one may have contact one may not be allowed to contact. What is their first spoken language? And do they have any difficulties with English and again that ensures that you’re communicating with them effectively. Who else lives at the address? multi occupancy properties are not uncommon and can be a safeguarding risk. So it’s useful to know who else lives at the address so you can assess the risks appropriately, or contact the appropriate professionals? Does the person have a carer? If so, you need their details and need to contact them? Are their care for somebody else? Quite often children maybe cares for their one of their parents, for example, does the person have a social worker? And again, you should make contact with that person if they do. Does the young person have a child protection plan and again, you should make contact with their social worker to ensure that you’re delivering more Whatever services are required by the Child Protection Plan and the process for new registrations may look as follows. The new service user is registered, their needs are assessed with any information obtained from the local authority as appropriate. Perhaps in response to the questions which is mentioned. The safeguarding lead in the organization is informed if there are safeguarding needs for this person. The information received is reviewed versus your guidelines and protocol. And again, specialist input may be required to do that to identify safeguarding needs or alternatively, it may be just an admin process. Any action taken should be recorded with the service users record updated accordingly. And the safeguarding register updated if the new new user does have safeguarding needs and then there should be regular audit.