Recognizing the Absurdity of Thought

Okay, hello again. So to help recognize, helps, the commentary is that the commentary is, in fact absurd. And it’s pretty funny actually. Oh, take a sunset. Okay, like the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. And bring yourself to that. Now, what is there to say about a sunset? You know, this is one of those sunsets, you know, you look at it and it brings you tears, or you’re just so stunned. There’s nothing to say. I mean, what are you going to say about that sunset? Look how orange it is. There’s that encompass what you are experiencing in that moment. Look how orange it is. or look at the contrast between the orange and the pink, or literally anything there is to be said about it. Does any of that fully encompass what you are experiencing the beauty of your experience? Does any of that encompass it? I mean, it’s really clear in those moments that it’s absurd to say anything. It’s absurd to say anything. Take a tree. Take a tree. What do you say about a tree? What? What opinions are there to be had about a tree? Oh, I like that tree and I don’t like that tree. Oh, that tree isn’t growing right? That tree isn’t growing height. So this is in regards to judging our own experiences judging our own experiences. Now, you wouldn’t tell a tree how to grow. Okay? A tree is a natural, spontaneous occurrence. It’s just a natural, spontaneous occurrence right grows from a little acorn grows into a big tree. You don’t tell the acorn how to grow during the acorn. It should be there when it’s here. The same thing applies to your experiences. Well, it’s absurd to say that things should be different to what they are. Because if they were different They would be different. If they’re not different, and they’re not different. And to see the absurdity again, just look at a tree. Oh tree, you’re growing all crooked and stuff. Why are you growing crooked? Oh, it’s like oak. Oh, it’s in the shade. Right? everything’s happening perfectly everything’s happening as it is. There’s nothing to say about it. To say anything about it to absolutely say anything about it is an absurdity. It’s it’s unnecessary. It’s it’s a commentary layer. So I hope that this helps recognize that it is all a little bit absurd. It is all a little bit upset. So next time, you’ve got all these stories going on in your mind, right? Just Just observe them Don’t try to change them to try to do anything about it. Just observe them and, and just begin to just be like, What’s going on here? Like these are all kind of absurdities. Like, what what are all these assumptions that made. There’s all these assumptions, all these opinions, all these judgments. Wow. It’s like a whole drama man. It’s a whole drama. Everyone’s got story behind them. It’s like story, character development. It’s all it’s just an entertaining drama. That’s all the thoughts are. That’s all they are. So there’s no there’s no need to get disheartened or guilty about having them. It’s just the drama, right? We enjoy TV shows. And that’s the same reason why we enjoy phones in the way I understand it. Nothing more to it. That’s all it’s just part of human nature. That’s all. So I wanted to leave this here really quickly, to help in our recognition that thoughts are absurd. imagination, you know, in this regard is absurd. It’s unnecessary for this course that is okay. Not telling you how to live your life, do whatever you want, whenever you want for the purpose of this course for purpose of the method, it’s absurd. It’s unnecessary. It’s an additional layer. It’s an additional layer. And we just have to recognize that and when we recognize that automatically, spontaneously, things will begin to shift. And really, we’ve made it inevitable that we will withdraw our interest from thoughts eventually, sooner or later we will because we just when we start when we see it differently, once the once the, what’s the saying? Once the light in the warehouse is on? Right? So it’s been dark the whole time. I didn’t know it was there. Then it’s turned on. It’s turned off again. It doesn’t matter. It’s turned off. Again, you’ve just seen it all. It changes everything. It changes everything. Okay, that was a really bad analogy. I was a really bad analogy hopefully gets the point across and it gets the point across and shows it I will also human and can be susceptible to making money. bad jokes and bad analogies. So that’s the point here. Okay, this I would like to help ease you into it. It’s really simple process. It really is really easy. There’s nothing to it. Just listen. Listen openly, and just be open to whatever occurs in your own awareness. That’s all. I can’t say what that will be. No one can say when that will be, it will be whatever it is. It’ll be whatever it is. Okay, quick lesson. See you next one.