So you’ve now completed part two of beat procrastination. In part one, we talked about you becoming the type of person who beats procrastination. We talked about point A, the five elements to becoming that person, purpose, obsession, intensity, demanding progress, awareness. Then in part two, we talked about your cup, how habits and rituals are the cup that holds the magic elixir of getting things done, and why habits and rituals are so important. We then covered the core five, five must have habits to beat procrastination, your morning ritual, the weekly and daily lists timeboxing, the electronic timer tracking your progress. So how do you act on this, we’ll cover the weekly and daily lists and timeboxing in the next section. But what I’d like you to do now is go on Amazon and purchase a five or $6 electronic timer. And I’d like you to ask yourself, what are the key habits for you that you’d like to do every day, maybe it’s your morning ritual, maybe 250 push ups and pull ups everyday, whatever it is that most will move you toward your goals. Then go to the done the done and download the app and start using it to track your progress. So by the timer that’s separate so you could start using it, download the done app and use that to start tracking your habits starting today. Then let’s move on to the next section.