We just finished part one of the beat procrastination class you. We talked about how the first step to beating procrastination is becoming the type of person who beats procrastination. We covered the five steps, point, purpose, obsession, intensity, demanding progress and awareness. So here’s your checklist for how to take action on this section. insider action. Step one, write down your goals for the next three months. insider action. Step two, rewrite your goals and do your Wix insider action. Step three, set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier, tomorrow, insider action. Step Four ask Am I measurably closer to my goals this week and insider action. Step Five. Take out two pieces of paper and write the adjectives describing your best and not so best selves. Make sure you’ve completed these five and if you haven’t, make sure you come back to do them. Then, when you’re ready, let’s move on to part two.