Recap and Next Steps

So tips and strategies to get you through COVID-19. So, just to recap them, and conclude as to what we’ve just covered, the 11 things. Number one, cancel all your subscriptions and any unnecessary spending, revise your budget, and know that all of these things are available in the download that’s available with this course. Set goals for yourself. learn a new skill, research, what’s in demand? What skills do people need, decide on a skill that you’re going to learn, go and learn it. Then look at what skills you already have. consider selling those skills. Start a new side hustle. Remain in the mindset of gratitude. Do your meditation think about the positive things could always be worse. Focus on your cash flow. You want more money coming in than going out? Save your money, get that rainy day fund built up, make more money, build up that surplus. And then we’re looking at ways in which you can invest your money to double it, triple it, or just preserve it because we’ve been in the bank chances are it’s is the inflation will will be eroding what your money is worth every day. So you want to be putting up money to work and have your money work hard for you. So the next steps, I’d say decide on three things that you will do. set a time limit, and then do them. No excuses. Just get them done. And so that’s the end of the course. please do leave a review. Hope you enjoyed the course and I hope that you won’t allow this Coronavirus to destroy your inner peace as they say, you know, decide on what you’re going to do crack on get it done. And that’s it. That’s the end of the course. So, my name is Lisa Newton. I have been your course tutor. Thank you for joining me for tips, strategies, things you can do join these COVID-19 times