Rapid Validation

Rapid validation, okay, this is super important. And I want you to lock into this very, very firmly. You will see all over the internet people teaching that you have to validate your idea before you start teaching it. You it before you make a course you have to validate you have to do market research after keywords, you have to do focus surveys, you have to do bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, before you get into making an online course. Yeah. If you aren’t going to spend a long time structuring ideating designing the curriculum, teaching your course editing your course, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, it’s going to take you three to five months to make your course or much longer. Then Yeah, I would validate, I would, I would validate that idea prior to prior to getting into that kind of long term and intensive process. But if you can design courses and teach courses, edit courses and get them out that really rapidly, which is what I’m teaching you in this guide then Actually, the validation can be the buyers of your course. Yeah. And the danger of validation. And the danger of research prior to designing a curriculum and prior to teaching is that you will start to lose your signature inside your course, you’ll actually start to lose the single most valuable thing, which is your personal take and experience and wisdom and insights in that topic, and manifesting that through the curriculum of your course. such that when you actually teach your course it will come alive, because it’s connected to you. Yeah, I mean, there’s no bullshit here, you’re you’re, you’re actually you know, you’re it’s Think back to the waterfall, the the waterfall, the waterfall of view is coming down in your course curriculum. And so the danger of valley of endless validation and market research and competitive research and competitor research, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, is that you start to dilute and basically smother the course that you could have taught. Okay, so what we do in this approach that I’m teaching you now is we actually do the validation at a later stage, okay of what we’re doing. Yeah. Now if you want to do rapid validation and not get into the trap, what you can do is hop out to Udemy UTM y.com or you can hop out to Amazon Kindle and you can spend five minutes maybe 10 tops your other books in this area other courses in this area also, you know, there will be other bestsellers in this area also there will be almost guaranteed Okay, that’s your validation, because that has taught told you that there are people who will spend money to learn that particular topic. Okay.