Publish your Website on the Internet

Now, how do we take this to the web? Well, the first thing we’re going to want to do is login to So assuming you’ve gone ahead and created an account already, we’re going to create a new repository. We’re going to call it Skillshare SpongeBob. And for me, I’m gonna make it private for now. Great repository. Right. Now, click setup and desktop, assuming you already have desktop, GitHub desktop installed, and it’s going to automatically show up and you’re going to want to hit clone. Alright, now we’re going to want to go to our website folder. How All its contents, go to our location where GitHub is stored. And great. paste it in. Look at all my files. And the first thing we want to do is commit all this code committing to master and then hit publish this branch. Now if we refresh this page, you’re going to see your code live. Now, you can’t still view it just yet. So you’re going to want to go to Settings. Scroll down towards the bottom, and then under GitHub Pages, select master branch. If you have custom domain already, you can go ahead and paste it in here. Now I’m going to make this public so you can view it publicly. Okay. Let’s just make sure that Yep, it’s set. Great. Now, if I go here, and if it doesn’t load initially, just don’t worry, just give it a few minutes, and it should propagate. And now if I go to my Skillshare, basics, HTML, CSS slash JavaScript, it’s going to show the entire website with the JavaScript working. And there you go. If this is your first time using GitHub, and you run into any issues, either uploading the code or you have issues with your website in general, please reach out Give me your your GitHub username. And I will go ahead and look at your code and try to help debug it with you.