Publish Your Course

All right, great. I’m glad you’re making steady progress in the cause of tanning your idea concept your book into an online course. So at this stage, you’re ready to go live to choose your preferred platform, either a sub website or a third party site. Unless you’re proficient in web designing and have ways to handle on websites, avoid self hosted costs on your website because they can be your only challenges. I highly recommend third party website, cost question websites and so highly recommend I use ut tablet I recommend this for platforms that you want to use. I highly recommend which comes with quite easier to upload your courses and share and make payment and all that is made easy with So once you sign up on the platform We have the platform, the back end for uploading the course the video content or your slide, or screen flows or text is basically the same across board and nothing much of a difference. And so you just sign up, you upload the videos, you create your lesson plans and then they would already outlined on on already applied on your PC already having your content where your videos, upload them last sequence, and you’re ready to go hit publish, verify your content and share with his rights and you’re good to go within a short period of time because Google life so it is to just publish a course because you find today everything’s ready sign up with me or as I recommend Skillshare comm sign up as a teacher, upload your courses and publish and you’re good to go. Let me know how this goes. Let me know the sad you’re publishing your course on if you’re using your own website, let me know as well if you’re using his website mentioned, let me know how it goes. I wish you the best as you publish your course. See you in the next lesson.