Public Speaking Resources

Click here to download the Presentation Planning Questionnaire as PDF.

Click here to download the 15 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking document as PDF.

I hope you enjoyed this short course on how to manage and prevent nerves or any kind of public speech. If you would like to learn more about public speaking, I recommend checking out my book called You got this, everything you need to master up into public speaking. And basically, it’s a guide for anyone at any level on what to do to give an effective, dynamic and engaging speech that you feel good and confident about and that your audience values and feels like they benefited from. So it really just covers the nuts and bolts from A to Z, how to get started, plan, present. And then after your presentation, some things to do following that. So that includes identifying your topic, knowing who your audience is how to target your message. accordingly to them writing up your speech planning for the event how to present effectively during Your speech and such as using correct delivery, body language voice, how to address questions, how to address any kind of challenges and glitches that may come up during your speech, visual aids and so on and so on. So anyway, just you can check it out. I’ve got my website down here for more information. There’s a lot of free articles and things is there as well check it out. And I wish you all the best in your public speaking development.