Okay, sorry, I want to give you everything that I’m aware of. And this is the last thing that I’m aware of, before we wrap up this course. This last thing is a tool that I mentioned earlier, I would explain called psych K. And that is what I have access to. Now, this tool, the thing is that you need to have a site k facilitator, so I was like a facilitator to to actually facilitate the process, you need to know cy K, in order to use the tool. That’s the thing is the thing that I the course was about that was taught is more likely, in a mechanism intuitive, right? And it’s very effective, very effective. psych K is also very effective. And that’s why I’m putting it here because it’s very effective. And I use psych k in tandem with this way of just being with things and letting them go or letting go trying to change them. So I use them in tandem. And I’m in prayer. I live on Pray, like my life is sustained by prayer and grace. So I’m giving you everything that I’m aware of. And that’s all. That’s all. So I want to finish up with psych K. psych K is simply a black hole programming language for the subconscious mind. So I’ll give you an example. stress. Let’s say we’re in a scenario, that every time we’re in it, it brings a stress right or something in mind, every time you kind of think of that situation, it brings you stress something in the past past memory. Think of it you bring it to mind bring you stress. Why is that when you bring it to mind, it’s because that memory is stored in a certain way. In your long term memory, which is probably subconscious mind, right? So it’s stored there, and the way it’s perceived in the subconscious mind. That perception is what from what stress arises. So if you’re able to change your subconscious perception then To align with a perception that brings about peace and non attachment rather than stress, then you when you bring it to mind, you weren’t feel stressed anymore. It just you’ll feel peace and non attachment. Not because the thing changed, but because your perception, your subconscious perception of it has changed. That’s what cy K is. So it’s a way to the subconscious, mind stores everything. It’s like a storehouse of programs, programs, perceptions and beliefs, we can say. That’s what programs are. It’s a mixture of perceptions, how things were perceived at a certain time, and beliefs. Inside K is actually a way to go into that programming layer and change it because those programs that don’t change unless through grace, or if you change them yourself, but if you change them yourself, you need to be able to access the subconscious layer. And the subconscious mind is different to the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the one listening to this, though I’m making decisions to I’m making judgments. subconscious mind is incapable of any of that subconscious mind is just habitual. It’s programmed it just loops on repeat, and it speaks in a different language to the conscious mind. And psyche is a programming language by which the conscious mind can communicate to the subconscious mind the changes that it wants in there. And it can actually check because you also need a communication mechanisms. The psyche has a communication mechanism by which to check what programs are actually running in the subconscious mind. So for example, you might consciously think I lost myself is a program that you have, but you’d be surprised you’d be surprised it’s quite a rare one like I love myself unconditionally is also quite a rare one. So and that’s because what’s the programs in the subconscious mind are based on our past experiences and how those past experiences were interpreted and perceived, and in many cases doesn’t really align with supportive perceptions, the most limiting beliefs and limiting perceptions until we changed it unless you were lucky enough to be curled up in a unconditionally loving household, which is rare because to be an unconditionally loving household, you need to be an unconditionally loving individual, which is very rare. Anyway, that’s a bit of a side note. That’s what psych K is it allows us to go into the subconscious programming layer and change the subconscious programs around self perception, subconscious perception, subconscious beliefs, we can say those, those are the programs. So I’ll give you an example. You have really bad experiences of pens, or can we go in and change your perceptions of pens, change your perceptions of pens, before pens that when you look the pens have brought your stress and anxiety because of that subconscious programming? Now we’ve changed it and what will happen is it that that stress will decrease or it will totally disappear. Peel Mark cases it totally disappears. Some cases, there’s still stuff left to transform because there’s further layers of stress, further layers of programming to disappear. I’m just telling you how it works my own experience. This is another really really, really effective way to transform stress like that psyche works really fast. Like you can transform traumatic instances like that. It’s just a process. You can take seconds, two minutes. Now like it’s so fast, sometimes it just many layers, but each layer can be transformed very, very fast, is amazing. It’s another very effective tool. And if you would like that tool, if that resonates with you, if you’re interested, if has piqued your interest, then look in the description below. You will find my website and my website is Dick Just mind full very simple, straightforward. You can type that in and you can have A little read through the words, I wrote my web page to learn more about that, and booking a session if you want to and the first session is free, by the way, and I yes, the first session is free and I have a cool four week program where I help people to become the type of person that doesn’t get stressed anymore. I can handle anything. Again, by presenting everything that I am aware of that I have learned, I have verified my own experiences. So this course is part of this course part of that, but there’s other stuff as well. Anyway, so I will have one last wrapping up video for this short little free course. Thank you.