Progress, Obstacles, and Lessons Learned

Now I invite you to consider what are some things that you’ve made progress with over the last 30 days? These might be things that you have made happen. Maybe there’s things that have happened for you, or co created by you. What are some things that have happened that have made your life better over the last 30 days? And once you’ve written those, think about a few things that did not go the way you planned. What are some obstacles that got in your way that kept you from moving as quickly as you’d like? Or kept you from making the progress you wanted to see? Or things that just outright annoyed you And then what are 10 lessons you’ve learned over the last 30 days. These might be life lessons. These might be specific lessons to relate to education, or your job, or a specific piece of knowledge. They might be relationship lessons on how to treat people better, or how to ask for what you most want in a relationship. Whatever those are. Take the time now and pause the video if you need to. To complete this until you feel satisfied with your answers.