Program Workbook & Implementation Journal

I’ve created two tools that I believe will help you tremendously in implementing this work. The first tool is the coaching program workbook. And its focus is to help you do the exercises that we’re going to go through in each of the sections each week. Now, you don’t have to do this on a week by week basis. But what you’re going to find is that in between the content of the 12 sections, there’s going to be implementation work to be done in a different workbook. And in my understanding, it’s going to take a while for you to get certain results. And so you’re going to need to do a certain number of things in the work world or the business world or the real world to make results happen. So these exercises, this coaching program workbook, is going to be more about your discovery exercises and coming up with strategy and ideas and things you’re going to be doing. Where as the workbook that is the journal and the implementation workbook is going to be more about what you’re doing on an ongoing basis to make things happen. The implementation tracker and journal is going to help you implement this work. Each week that you do the exercises, there’ll be some sort of insight that we’re going to be doing. And then there’ll be some follow up work to help you implement and make happen, what you want to have happened in the real world and the business world, the work world. This is going to be how you can track your progress, how you can track your insights that come up for you, as you do your work. journal about the results you get, and perhaps most importantly, or equally importantly, as anything is to track what is that goal you have each day, and what progress Are you making. So we want to have lots of insights in this program. But I also want to make sure that things are happening and you’re seeing results happen. So at the end of each week, you’ll see a place where you can track the progress you made that week, and all that progress is moving towards your most important goal or goals. Hope you find this helpful. If any questions on this please let me know. I look forward to helping you invite the divine into your workplace to produce greater success, enjoyment and fulfillment. Thank you