Proactive Analysis of Issues

Next, we come to proactive analysis. And your organization should actively review its safeguarding procedures, and any cases and issues that have been raised in order to improve for the future. So the Care Quality Commission inspectors Handbook, which is valid here in the UK, makes it clear that GP surgeries and other service providers should work proactively to ensure that children and adults who use services are safeguarded from the risk of actual abuse and neglect. And that means that organizations must seek to understand and manage the safeguarding needs of their users. And this means regular proactive searches of your service users to identify any issues any points that may need to be progressed, you should be reviewed using your protocol and any safeguarding action identified. There should also be regular review Have your safeguarding register of the individuals that are on that register review of their cases speaking to the frontline staff who are dealing with them, so that actions can be identified and safeguarding action progressed. Specialist inputs may be required from a medical practitioner or member of the Council safeguarding team. Or it may be just the admin action that’s required. That action should be taken the service users records updated as appropriate. And of course, this process should be audited regularly.