Prioritisation Guided Meditation

Welcome to this short exercise on prioritization. Now, prioritization, essentially is our ability to plan to compose, to have clarity and to not be too reactive within our minds. It’s not just about prioritizing things in the short term, but about also factoring in our longer term goals, and asking ourselves what is most important to us so that we can try to implement those things more closely in our lives? How would your priority list changed if you were fully focused all the time on the things that matter to you most? It’s useful to stop and pause throughout the day to become more familiar with calm with clarity with composure so that you’re less tempted to overreact and to respond incorrectly to issues. Another useful technique is to always come back to the question, what would I do? If this was my very last day? How would you live? What decisions do you think you would choose to make with what little legacy you could leave behind? If that were your last chance to do it. So, with all of that being said, we’re going to get started. Make sure you’re sitting somewhere where you’re comfortable. And begin breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth calmly and slowly. Keep doing this until you feel all of the tension and any anxiousness or discomfort melt out of your body Over time, I want you to put more and more focus on each one of those breaths. Every time you breathe in, try to focus on what it feels like how long it lasts. And any other detail you can think of a little bit more than you did. The last time you breathed in. And the same thing with your out breaths. Focus on what it feels like to really breathe in calmly and then breathe out calmly. Be really present completely focused with that feeling. If at any point, you feel yourself being distracted by anything, just acknowledge that you’ve been distracted. Remind yourself that that is natural and Okay. And then go back to really focusing on each one of those breaths. You can really take your time to do this for as long as you would like when you feel ready You can let go of a little bit of that focus and slowly open your eyes again. But continue that deep breathing. And keep reminding yourself of what that focus felt like. Stay present with these feelings for as long as you would like, until you feel like you’re fully thought about them and you’re ready to move on.