The best way to understand the word presence in the context of having an impact and delivering gravitas is to take it. Absolutely. Literally. People who have presence are 100% present in the moment in the room in the conversation. What we’re going to do over the next couple of minutes, is explore the things that you can do to build a sense of presence with the people that you’re with. And the first thing that you can do is to focus on the space that you occupy. We all have a kind of bubble around us. And that bubble gives people around us, I say, Of how close they can approach us. Now, when you’re with someone intimately, your bubble and their bubble gets smaller and smaller, and you can comfortably approach closer and closer. On the other hand, when you’re with someone you don’t know, your bubble gets that bit bigger, and it becomes uncomfortable socially, to get as close to. Now one of the things about people with gravitas is they seem to have a slightly bigger bubble than the rest of us. So the way to do this is to imagine your bubble. And imagine visualize that bubble growing larger and larger and larger and larger and expanding outwards, to fill the space of the room and to push out the boundaries of the room. When you’ve got that mental image in your mind, that will give you a sense of the confidence and authority That you want if you’re to project gravity. The second thing you can do is to slow down. Slow down the pace of your voice and slow down the pace of your movements. Rushing and hurry and agitation, destroy gravitas replace the speed and the agitation fidget with deliberate behaviors, deliberate movements, deliberate rhythms and deliberate pauses. what these do is show you to be in control and being in control of costs. lens you want authority gratis. The final thing is to be deliberate in your relaxation. Allow yourself slower, deeper breathing. Take a few really deep breaths before you start something. Pause. Take a deep breath when you need one. Now one of the reasons this is important, as we’ll see later on, is that the depth and richness and tonality of your voice is an important carrier for gravitas. And when you breathe lightly and shallowly and quickly, you don’t fill your chest with air, therefore, your voice becomes breathy and agitated and rises to the top of its register. On the other hand, When you feel your chest with fresh air, your body will relax. The muscles of your throat will relax. Your voice will become deeper and richer, will carry more authority and more gravitas. And of course, anyone with authority and gravitas will be relaxed in the situation. Confidence, no concerns and neither do you