Hi buddy hope you’re enjoying that course and the lesson so far again stick for lesson four in creating your online course 10 your idea your concept your book into an online course. So stage four after drafting your course outline and this stage in order to create cause in this stage force pre selling your goods sell the cause Yes, I mean sell. The one will think that the cause needs to be developed before selling or marketing it No, no, no no you sell before you create it, ideally. So having a clear cause objective outline as ready, ready, you’re in a good position to pitch to sell your course. This will help you have a fair idea of your target audience and whether they are ready to enroll in it and what I need some tweaking. So the pre selling stage allows you to test refine your idea constantly for developments. It offers you ways to tweak your content. In fact, the Cause I pre sold it before creating it here. So we sell to your list. If you have a mailing list, you send them an email telling them there’s an upcoming cause you have a cost coming in with this XYZ outlines and all content. Would they be interested in enrolling in web Gods on Facebook and Facebook groups and in any platform, you belong to any niche you can find them and pre sell to them, let them do them, offer them some discount, those who buy before the cost reading off the total amount, give them some incentive and pruning bonuses here and there. This way you get to know and the interest level and also nimbu. Those are willing to pay money for your course. So you can set a pre sale up to about 1005 all of the cost before you finally launch it. So we sell let them make some down payment give them huge discount for the course online. Then, after Preseli you know what to do go up Go Go Go And then move to the next stage or in this thing is about pre selling so sell your concept sell the idea marketed massive in any platform you belong to all the strategies can think of sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell your cause online, sell them, sell them the idea sell them your concept. You’re going to get feedback to then tweak your content strategy in ways you need to do so this age is all about sale and selling centers to sell your content against a lead known how many people what your concept of what’s your cost me before currently and we can move to the next stage so go head on Dr. Simonton. Let’s continue with the cost turning your ideas your concept into online commerce with ease. I am been at Calvin Klein. Enjoy the costs