Prayer Is Practical

Okay, another practical one. And this is practical, right? Wherever your opinions about it doesn’t matter because you can do it and you’ll see results is prayer. Prayer. So if you’re experiencing something, and it’s uncomfortable, if you notice what we’re doing everything happening here is is is spontaneous and happening of its own right. So stress is coming and it’s going of its own. It’s, it’s a higher power than your own willpower. And by pray, you can say that we’re helping that along, in the best way that we can. Not through our willpower, but through grace, through grace through a higher power of ourselves, and we can say that’s what grace is for the purpose of this course at least. So, you pray for something uncomfortable. Just have that prayer. Lord, by the grace and by the I will may willingly willingness arise to experience this out as it is This this pray powerful, right? Because what it’s saying is, first of all, sitting by the grace, and by that I will. So it’s addressing it saying, oh, by my willpower, you’re saying, of my own willpower. I’m incapable I’m unable, I’m weak, because this is the truth. People we are our power is very weak. It’s very weak. So you’re saying, by grace or Lord, by grace, may the willingness arise. So you’re really addressing it and making clear to yourself that it’s not you. It’s a higher power of you coming in and lifting that willingness up, lifting that willingness up and relieving that suffering. But you’re not you’re not you’re weak willpower. You’re leaving that alone. You’re it’s kind of a position of humility, to say my willpower weak if my willpower I was able to do this would have already done this That’s the truth. So obviously my will power con do anything in this regard and I need something higher than myself and I’m incapable of controlling it. I know that but I asked for help anyway, I asked for help anyway. And if you don’t believe in God, whatever you believe in, it’s actually irrelevant because it has nothing to do with belief. So just addressed a higher power, whatever that is for you. source so long as you’re able to address a higher power. So this is critical so long as he actually addressing a higher power than yourself. Then this is incredible. Lee useful, practical tool prayer, and the more you pray, the more you will see that it’s actually grace this whole time that has been uplifting your and and helping, helping right and helping let go of things. It has never been your willpower is never been your willpower. And this is for you, for you to experience on your on your own. right at the start, I know there’s a lot of pride that would go with that having myself gone through a lot of it was a lot of pride be like, What do you mean? It’s not my willpower? Look at everything I’ve done bah, bah, bah, look at all this and this and this and this. And what we can address that is by simply saying, Well, did you do did you create? Did you will yourself, willpower, your way into existing, do create yourself? Or was that a gift to you to you as you understand yourself to be right now, obviously, was a gift. Right? In create yourself. If you create it yourself, and create yourself, go for it, give it a shot to close your eyes. That doesn’t work out. Okay? So we can see that there’s something higher than ourselves something higher than our willpower and we can we can if were like, uncomfortable with God and that’s fine. Just a dress that higher power than ourselves, whatever that might be, if it’s mystery, and its mystery, if it’s destiny than its destiny so we can say mystery is that high power, that mystery of what is that gift? What is that gift that was given? What was the giver? Is there a giver? Like we can be honest with ourselves and be like, I don’t know, I don’t. I don’t know what I believe. That’s fine. We can say the higher power isn’t a mystery. And we can pray to that mystery. If it’s destiny, that we can pray. Like destiny, you know, it’s this The sky is higher than now. So the earth, the universe, creation guide, whatever it is, love, love the high power love. We can say that it’s love that birth me. If you can find you within you the willingness to pray, to give prayer shot to pray in this way. So you pray out of humility and grace. So you’re supplicating grace, not relying on willpower, and you’re not praying for something you’re you’re you’re asking, out of humility, humility, may the willingness arise out of it by nine grace and by Thy will. So you’re saying at the end of the day, it’s up to the Lord, whatever that might be for you. If you’re able to find out wiliness, then this is actually a very practical way to help. You can also pray helpful prayers, like bless would be to the schema, for example, plus would be to Lord, may perception be corrected and aligned with the Absolute Truth. So in there that pray, you’re saying, again, you’re addressing you’re saying my perception, the way I see things right now, isn’t actually aligned with the truth. Please show me what the truth is. Now I have another course, which goes into that which you can check. You can My thing for, but we won’t go into that too much. This is just another practical tool I want to give you everything I’m aware of prayer is very helpful, very helpful. Just when you’re praying, don’t pray to change the situation. Pray change yourself. That is far, far, far more powerful and far more likely to have a response than trying to change something outside yourself prior to change you yourself, not others. Okay, so I’ll see in the next one.